Beginners Christianity


What surprises most believers in Yeshua is the discovery that Christianity was not the original faith of the Apostles. Christianity got its start in the made-up pagan religion called Roman Catholicism some three hundred plus years after the first coming of Messiah, Yeshua. Roman Catholic Christianity was a hybrid and paganized religion right from the very beginning, a Roman political compromise between the worship of the Nazarene Israelites and the sungod worship of the day, called Mithraism.

The Roman Emperor Constantine 1st, who started Catholicism in 321 AD, was the titular head of the Roman State religion of Mithraism. Mithraism was the worship of the sun (or Lucifer, “the Light Bringer”). Being a good Mithratic believer, Constantine worshipped the sun on the day of the sun (the “Sun-day”), in honor of the sun. He also practiced many forms of idol worship. After his so- called “conversion” to Christianity, he had his wife and child beheaded, and minted coins to “Sol Invictus Mithras,” or the “Invincible God of the Sun,” demonstrating his continued allegiance to Mithras Sol Invicta, the victorious sungod.

Being Emperor (“Caesar”), Constantine 1st was regarded as a God. He was the official head of the Roman Empire, and was the object of veneration in the state-run religion. That might seem like a pretty good deal to some people, but Constantine had a small problem. Three hundred years earlier, a man named Yeshua of Nazareth (“Jesus of Nazareth”) had come, preaching a new and better Way that did not involve sacrifices to Lucifer, “the Light Bringer” (the sun).

Yeshua of Nazareth’s Israelite worship (and its later and more-numerous lawless and corrupt variants created by false leaders) had become very popular within the Roman Empire since Yeshua’s death. As a result of the Apostles going forth and preaching the Word, approximately half of the Roman Empire believed in some form of worship of Yeshua by the time of Constantine, and the messianic movements were continuing to grow.

Emperor Constantine 1st was faced with a small dilemma. He could not kill off all of the Believers in Yeshua without killing off at least half of his population. If he did that, he would not only cut his tax base in half, but he would be leaving himself in a seriously weakened military state at a time when he faced imminent threat of invasion from the pagan tribes/sides of the north. He could not act militarily against the Believers, but neither could he ignore the rapidly growing Israelite faith (and its many lawless variants) as it was rapidly taking over His Empire. If Israelite worship (and its variants) succeeded in taking over his empire, it would leave him bereft of his position as head of the state-run sungod religion, which would seriously jeopardize his hold on power.

Unable to kill off all the Believers, and unable to ignore the crisis in hopes it would go away, Emperor Constantine solved his problem by creating a new religion that would unite his people once again under his headship. The plan was to form a blend of Mithraism and Nazarene Israelite worship, calling it by a new name, the True Universal Roman (“Catholic”) faith.

Once this Catholic faith was firmly in place, and then Constantine would be free to resume his persecutions of Jews and Israelites, who after all, did not revere him as a God, which was reason enough to kill them all. By providing the Israelite Believers with a substitute faith, Constantine was then able to drive the majority of Believers away from the Nazarene Israelite messianic faith (and its many variants) and into the Roman Catholic faith, by way of persecutions and threats of death. Constantine preferred that the people be Catholics rather than Israelites or Jews of any sort, because in the Catholic faith, Constantine was still the object of religious veneration. Although not thought of as God per se, he was yet regarded as the Mouthpiece of God, being considered the first Papa, or Pope, called Pontifex Maximus, the ancient title of the Babylonian god- king, Nimrod.

Once the majority of the people had converted to Catholicism, Emperor Constantine then resumed his persecutions of Jews, Israelis, and all other Hebrew peoples, setting the precedent for the later persecutions, pogroms, the Spanish Inquisitions, the Crusades and the Holocaust. Constantine decreed that anyone found practicing Jewish or Hebrew customs, YHWH God’s Torah Law, or the Biblical Feasts of Yahweh that are actually written in the Word of YHWH should be put to death. This murder of YHWH’s chosen people was considered acceptable to Catholicism primarily because the core foundational belief of Catholicism is Babylonian Luciferism. Catholicism is Babylonian Luciferism in disguise; therefore it considered Judaism and Israelite worship of Yeshua Messiah as its enemy.

Catholicism was designed from its very inception as a fraud and a substitute religion, much as infant formula was designed as a man-made substitute for mother’s milk. And as much as infant formula yields a sickly and malnourished baby because there is no substitute for genuine mother’s milk, so Catholicism and its later Protestant daughters in 4,000 or so variants yield sickly, confused and undernourished Believers, because there is no substitute for what Yeshua taught in accordance with His Father, the Almighty Creator.

Although there are many fine and splendid people practicing Christianity today who do not wish their Jewish and Israelite brethren any harm, that is not to say that Christianity is an acceptable substitute religion for the original faith of the Jewish Apostles. Catholic Christianity is nothing but a hybrid between the original Nazarene Israelite faith and Babylonian Luciferism. The resultant Catholicism is not an acceptable Biblical substitute religion, and neither are its “wayward daughter” organizations, the Protestant Churches.

It is less correct to say that Catholicism is basically the original faith of the Apostles infused with Luciferism than it is to say that Catholicism is a decoy. It is Babylonian Luciferic sun worship disguised in the doctrinally twisted trappings of the original Nazarene Israelite faith. And, ironically, since Protestantism derives from Catholicism, Protestantism contains most of the same errors as Catholicism, despite Protestantism’s stated desire to rid themselves of the pagan ways of the Catholics. The reason for this all stems from the manner in which the Protestant Reformation got started.

The Protestant Reformation was conceived back in the 1520’s when a German Catholic monk named Martin Luther noticed that what the Apostles were recorded as doing in the Scriptures was actually very different from that which the Catholic Church taught its followers to do. Unable to reconcile the differences in his own heart, Father Martin Luther nailed 95 protests (or “Theses”) to the door of his own Catholic Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and thereby the Protestant Reformation was begun. Martin Luther was, however, a major anti-Semite; proof of which lies in his three books, “Against the Jews and their lies”, which was later adopted by Adolph Hitler, who attempted to implement Luther’s “final solution”; and nearly succeeding by killing nearly half the Jews in all of Europe!

As much of an improvement as Protestantism is over Catholicism; there are many discrepancies between the Protestant Church and the original faith of the apostles. By refusing to let go of the pagan core and the hierarchical framework of the Catholic Church, the movement is doomed to failure. Despite the flourishing of so many Protestant Sects (72 major ones and thousands of minor ones) none of them can ever approximate the faith of the Apostles. None of them can, because they retain the original Luciferic framework of the Catholic Church, including Sunday worship, pagan replacement holidays for YHWHs Holy Feasts, Replacement Theology and Darby’s Dispensationalism.

Every time a group of Protestant believers identifies another element of satanic corruption that needs to be removed from their variant of Protestant worship, a new Protestant sect is formed. Yet despite such “reformations,” the main errors of hierarchical Luciferic authoritarian structure, the substitution of pagan names for the sacred Hebrew Names of YHWH and Yeshua, and the pagan feast dates of December 25th and the Vernal Equinox Easter are never called in to question, while the Torah of the Almighty and His Appointed Times and Seasons are ignored and are today called “Bondage” by Protestant Christians, thereby making both Jesus/Yeshua and His Father out to be liars and their words in the Torah and the Gospels to be meaningless to the modern Churches. Matthew 5:17-19 is but one example among many of the denial by Christians of Yeshua’s words.

If Catholic Priest, Luther’s Protest was an attempt to restore the original faith of the Apostles to the people, it was an abortive first step. However, a journey is composed of many steps, and unless the Protestant Church adopts an entirely new attitude and thereby rediscover their Hebrew roots, they will never complete this journey. None of the Protestant Churches have ever really attained this goal of doing exactly as the Apostles did, and it is not likely that they ever will. The reason for this inevitable failure is the faulty approach that Martin Luther adopted for his Reform back in the 1500’s. By starting from within the polluted pagan framework of Catholicism and attempting to reason its way backwards towards what they might think that the Apostles may have done, the Protestant reformation was hamstrung as a failure on the day it was born.

It is not correct to say that the Nazarene Israelite faith was infused with Luciferism so as to create Catholicism. Rather, it is more correct to say that Roman Catholic Christianity was created by dressing up Mithratic sun worship in the trappings of the Nazarene Israelite Faith, to act as a stumbling block to the unwary. Catholicism was an attempt to make Luciferism look like the original faith of the Apostles; kind of in the same way that one attempts to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. You can try all you like, but it just can’t be done, because the fabric is completely different, like the incompatibility of new and old cloth put onto one torn garment.

Martin Luther’s attempt to practice Hebrew rooted “Christianity” as the Apostles practiced while remaining inside of the pagan framework and Luciferic pollution of Roman Catholic Christianity has been likened to a farmer who grows his garden in soil that has been exfoliated by Agent Orange. No matter how much he tries to clean up the soil, it just is not quite possible to get away from all the poison. If you eat the fruit of that ground, you are only going to develop cancer, which is a Metzora spiritual sore. See my essay on that. The farmer would be a lot better off by simply abandoning that particular patch of soil, moving over a little bit, and starting over. The fruit would be a lot better for him, too.

Catholicism was originally a mixture between Luciferism and the Nazarene Israelite faith, which is somewhat akin to putting the sheep in to the wolf’s den. The wolves consume the sheep for dinner, while all the time, the sheep are arguing over the “color of the wolves hair”. While the Protestants have protested against many of the practices of the idol worship of their Catholic Christian mother religion, the Protestant Christian Churches have by-and-large retained the majority of the Luciferic feast days, the pagan names as assigned by Rome onto their Pope Gregory [Gregorian] calendar, and are embracing a large number of the same pagan symbols resident in Catholicism. Not only that, but most Protestant churches worship on the same day that Constantine identified in his edict of 321AD for worship of the sun, the Sun day, which is nowhere prophesied or even mentioned in Scripture as a suitable replacement for the proper seventh-day Sabbath. As a matter of fact, I defy you to find any Scripture in the Bible or any person that was authorized by YHWH God in scripture to change the 7th day to the 1st day of the week to be a new Sabbath Day set in eternity!

Furthermore, the hierarchical structures and dogmas of the Protestant and Catholic Churches are very different from the loose affiliation of self-motivated spiritual seekers that constitutes a proper Israelite assembly (or “ecclesia/quahal”). The former is a militant political organization, while the other is a genuine loose-knit fellowship that seeks to uplift one another as brethren and sisters in Yeshua. Martin Luther’s attempts to return to the original practices of the Apostles while refusing to drop the hierarchical Catholic/Babylonian Church structure was doomed to failure before he ever got started. It would be like trying to become a civilian at the same time you reenlist in the military. The two are antonyms of one another.

It is important to consider the fact that the Greek historian, Plutarch lived during New Testament times some eighty years after the time of Yeshua’s first advent. Even so, he tells us that the secret rites of the sungod Mithra were still being celebrated in his day.

Most people do not know it but at that time Roman Mithraism was the chief rival of Christianity. The followers of Mithra had their own versions of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. December 25th was recognized as the birthday of Sol Invicta Mithra and Sunday was his special day.

Theologians would tell us that during the fourth century the worship of Mithra mysteriously vanished at the same time Roman Christianity appeared on the scene. But what really vanished – Mithraism or Biblical Hebrew roots Messianic Christianity that has nothing to do with the pagan precepts of Sunday and December 25th?

The truth is that nothing vanished. Aspects of Mithraism are still found among the precepts of contemporary Christianity of today – and Biblical Messianic Christianity is still being practiced by the few who fear the LORD, Yahweh and keep His commandments – which preclude and do not allow the inclusion of pagan rituals.

As the original faith of the Apostles, Nazarene (or Messianic) Israel agrees with Orthodox Judaism, in that the Torah (the Instructions or “Law”) of YHWH (“God”) is perfect, and can never be done away with. Yeshua Himself said as much at Matthew 5:17-20, and 7:21-23. Paul and the NT Apostles agreed with Yeshua; thereby confirming with God that the “New Testament” VALIDATES TORAH! Those who twist Paul’s words so that they can do away with the Almighty’s Torah, do so at their peril.

We observe the Torah of YHWH (“God”) and the original seven Scriptural feast days of Leviticus 23. We believe in keeping all the Torah just as Yeshua our Example, Lord and Savior kept the Torah.

Nazarene (or Messianic) Israel shares the common goal with the real Christian Church of furthering the worship and knowledge of Yeshua HaMoshiach (“Jesus the Messiah”). We share a common foundation in the Word of YHWH God despite the Catholic bunny trails now present in western Christendom.

Nazarene (or Messianic) Israel further shares the common goal with some Protestant Christian churches of eschewing the Luciferic practices and idol worship of the Catholic Christian Church, and by returning to the original practices of the Apostles. However, while we share this same goal, we believe that it is valuable to take a more direct approach in our goal of arriving at the original doctrines and practices of the Apostles as Yeshua taught them, adding nothing and leaving nothing out as scripture instructs us to do.

Rather than beginning with pagan-influenced Catholicism and working backwards, we simply do as the Apostles did as best we can. We start out with our identity as Israelites (whether genetic or grafted in, Romans 9, 10 and 11), and then we move forward to accept Yeshua as the Messiah according to the Scriptures. We understand that Yeshua came not to do away with the Torah (the Instructions of YHWH), or to replace it at all, but rather to show us how best to keep it, by living a life that is pleasing to YHWH God, His Father. This simple approach allows Nazarene Israelites to understand why the Apostles spoke of the importance of keeping the Torah Law of YHWH God in Acts 21-26 and elsewhere.

By working forwards rather than backwards we come to a far cleaner, more thorough and more intellectually and spiritually satisfying knowledge of the Scripture. Both the “New” (Brit Chadashah) and “Old” (Tanakh) “Testaments” (One Covenant only, and not two) fit into one cohesive, harmonious whole. Nothing needs to be explained away, and nothing needs to be “replaced” or “Dispensed” with by adding lying manmade theologies (Jeremiah 16:19-21). Nothing needs to be “spiritualized” in order to make sense of it. We do not do away with YHWH’s feast dates, nor do we adopt the Luciferic feast dates of Christmas and Easter. Further, we retain our identity not as “spiritual Israelites,” but as actual Israelites (whether genetic or grafted in, as was Ruth) and as the many nations and children of father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Walking on the road to Emmaus,
Messianic Teachers, Rabbi James and Erlene Talbott



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