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Etc, Etc, Etc

Let us read the sacred text in terms of what they say, not by what we have to superimpose on these texts. We will come to this very distinct conclusion. -Baruch Spinoza, [1623-1677]

In the movie, “The Blues Brothers”, James Brown as the Rev. Cleopus, began a sermon with these words; “When I woke up this mornin’, I heard a disturbin’ sound; I said that; when I woke up this mornin’, I heard a disturbin’ sound!”
Well, when I woke up one Sunday morning, I heard a disturbing sound. It was the prompting of Yahweh God, who was sending me to visit a rather large Emergent, Evangelical denominational church in this community to listen to their Pastor leader give a “Sunday” sermon. After circling the wagons all morning to no avail, I gave up and with my wife Erlene, I reluctantly went. I took my wife along as a witness to all the “funny stuff” that might happen when a Torah keeping Messianic Moreh who believes in Yeshua [Jesus] shows up at a “modern” Sunday evangelical Church meeting. The musical part of the meeting went OK, but then the professional pastoral speaker went to the front and began to speak on the topic, “What is the big deal about Sunday?”

He began by reading the Scripture from Mark 2: 23-28 where Yeshua and his talmudim were passing thru a cornfield on the Biblical Shabbat. Then, his first expository sentence began with these words; “Jesus and his disciples were passing through a cornfield on Sunday morning on their way to church and the Pharisees were hiding in the cornfield to get him and…” I immediately pinched myself 4 or 5 times to determine whether or not I was having a nightmare, but to no avail because it became worse. He then began an explanation of the modern Sunday Blue Laws and applied it to all those legalistic Pharisees hiding in the cornfield and waiting to catch Yeshua in a violation of the “old testament Blue Laws” and concluded with a very convoluted and confusing conclusion of sorts that “Jesus” threw out all those old, bad codes, laws, regulations and traditions ofthe “Jews” and that we Christians can now meet on any day of the week that we choose, because “Jesus” said so in this passage.

I looked several times at the 200 or so people listening to all of this. Some were energetically taking notes, but most had assumed the zombie position and several men were nodding off, presumably to escape in some way from hearing any more.

I thought that all this “blue Law” stuff was his little funny for the day and I kept waiting for him to get into the real message, but he never did. When the whole thing finally mercifully died of slow strangulation, I got up and shakily made my way toward the nearest exit, wife in tow, when the Pastor, who expressed his desire to visit with me, waylaid me while pumping my hand in a friendly manner. Yahweh forbid!

What did I learn from this surreal experience? Much, in every way!
There is a gigantic wall of noise; a wall of separation between Scripture and preaching within the modern church system which causes chaos both within and from outside of the church. A wall of noise that is being cloven today; as it has been from the beginning; by the sharp two edged sword of Yeshua’s Gospel truth, expressed in its fullness by both the Torah and the Grace Scriptures embodied as one in Him as the required two witnesses from which all Biblical truth is derived and verified.
An old principal that, “If one begins with the wrong initial premise, then everything downstream of that premise will also be wrong,” applies to the teachings of the modern church system in the same way that it has always applied throughout history to religion in general and Gnosis in particular. The traditional, epistemological counsel of the many in the church, if wrong, drowns out the counsel of the One who is right; Yahweh and Yeshua as given through the Ruach Ha Kodesh [Holy Spirit] and fulfilled by Scripture.
The counsel of many false Shepherd’s (Ezekiel 33 and 34), drowns out and creates a cacophony that overwhelms the hearer and negates the truth, such that the hearer’s perception never receives the counsel of the true Shepard; not only in the church, but also as he/she moves about in the world at large. False shepherds under false authorities, spew out many words that confuse and create a giant wall of separation; which wall can only be penetrated by Spirit filled prayer directed toward the Father of truth, Yahweh God.
Ezekiel 33:30 to 34:11, indicate to us that a wall of separation has been built up by both the false shepherds of Israel and also by the church world. This wall, as described above, is a wall of noise that is not relevant to the truth. Without clear direction through teaching, the sheep are scattered and cannot hear the voice of the true shepherd.
During the Korean War, I sat on the left side of a 3.50-inch cannon as a gun trainer, without ear protection. The result was; that my right ear next to the noise was permanently damaged with tinnitus expressing itself as a lifelong loud ringing noise. Anyone speaking to me from that side had to shout in order to penetrate that blocking noise and be heard. I think that Yahweh is shouting today to make his voice heard over the religious white noise and ringing in our ears that is filtering out His voice.

The simple clarity of Scripture is the two edged sword, proceeding from Yeshua’s mouth; which two-edged sword, if we listen, cleaves the veil of confusion of voices. Yes, Virginia; the babble (Babel) of Nimrod and confusion of tongues, still permeates the religious world today. If the hearer does not move through the veil that is opened, the words of truth are useless and have no effect on the hearer’s life. In other words, as Ezekiel states, “they hear your words but do NOT ACT upon them.”

The cacophony is present today and causes a lack of action in the believer and a desire to listen to the false prophets and teachers in the religious system, which results in a passively accepted similarity between the world system and the church system.

So what is the solution to all of this? What can a true teacher of Scripture do when frustrated at every turn by the doctrines and the traditions of men?
PRAY in the Spirit that the One who bears the sharp two edged sword will; by His power, cleave asunder even the dead bones and dry marrow of false teachings; rend the false veil of noise and penetrate the heart and soul of the hearer; thereby creating the conviction to ACT upon what they have heard. The true teacher is limited by his/her voice, which is motivated by the understanding of our Scriptural Hebrew Roots and the sincere individual conviction to teach the purity and unity of written Scripture in its entirety. However, Yeshua’s power is unlimited in scope and ability by a teachers built in self generated biases and worldview. As Israel could do nothing by itself and brought nothing but faith in Yahweh’s Torah into the fray and into the world; so do we as teachers bring nothing into the fray but our limited understanding as “human beings.” This limiting beginning position grows with the premise that a good teacher is also a good student. It is a start.

Without Yeshua, we also are as sounding brass; but with Yeshua’s power imputed into us and received in humility; we have the power to move mountains as He said. We can also rend the veil of noise in His Name and then be free to present His unchanging, unvarnished truth; thereby fully understanding that the uplifting results of our teaching is up to Yahweh and not up to us.

Walking on the road to Emmaus,
Todah B’ Yahweh, the Wilderness Teacher, Rabbi James Talbott, Yeshua HaTikvah Yisrael Ministries.



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