A mogern Bible premise


It has been my assigned task for many years now to write articles on Holy Scripture that seek to clarify in my mind and in my readers minds, just what scripture has to say to us all, based upon its Hebrew Roots context as written. Scripture explains itself as Holy men of YHWH God wrote as the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Elohim moved them.

The flow of the affairs of men which inexorably moves them, in their evil intentions, toward the twisted road of Armageddon has led me many times to reexamine, edit and update previous writings of mine to reflect this accelerated race toward the end of this age. This has been very gratifying and fulfilling to my spirit to be led by my savior, Yeshua, in this manner and toward his ends. Most modern believers do not agree with my conclusions and some even openly oppose me, but not as bad yet as my favorite Prophet, Jeremiah, was treated by Israel in their opposition as a response to his statements and warnings.

However, those who read my surmising and agree with my conclusions bless me abundantly and are the reason for my continued BarNaba efforts on the LORDs behalf.

The march of America towards the Tribulation and as willing participants in Armageddon particularly fascinates me. Being unable to fully understand the Hegelian and stupid march of Americans toward Entropy motivates my mind to try and figure it all out. Of course, I can never bring my questions to an end but the journey is fascinating and seemingly never ends. Ha!

So there you have it. You all, in reading my “stuff”, blesses me and makes it all worthwhile. You, who share my treading the ancient road to Emmaus, share with me as recipients of Yeshua’s high Priestly prayer in John 17, the impetus to BE LIKE HIM.

The Blessings of YAH cover you all,
Rav James Talbott, Yeshua HaTikvah Yisrael Ministries.


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