Two Trees in the Genesis Garden

The medieval painting, Michelangelo’s “The Temptation in the Garden” is the most accurate and important portrayal of the Temptation of Adam and Chavah (Eve) ever shown in the history of mankind. One reason is that the painter, along with most intellectuals of those centuries knew much more about the Bible than do the scripturally challenged academics and theologians of today!

To begin this article, I will point the reader to a few obvious facts in this old painting.

  1. Adam and Havah [Eve] are equal in size, strength, attributes, intelligence and in every way except one; their separate but basic sexual roles in order to increase the race of mankind through procreation. In the perfect Kingdom of God; men and women were both created equal in every way, except for their mutually supporting functions as both loving, and eternal sexual physical and spiritual bodies. This was the Almighty Creators plan, which was written and spoken in eternity. Adam and Havah were naked in their original shared DNA created state with NO SHAME as God intended them to be as eternally renewable and free beings without negative thoughts and emotions, such as the “7 deadly sins” described in scripture.
  2. Satan is presented here as LILLITH, a feminist hermaphrodite hybrid, a combination of a controlling female fallen angel being and a satanic spiritual serpent, encompassing all sin in one twisted hybrid being.

      3. The Eytz tree being shown is The Tree of the KNOWLEGE of Good and Evil. It is NOT an Apple tree as the Church presents it in preschool pictures for clueless Christian grownups. Its seductive fruit has both physical and spiritual qualities and is the very root cause of the Hegelian Dialectic deception, which is practiced by mankind and also in the churches today.

There are these two trees in the very center of the “Garden of Eden” mentioned in the Creation Chronicle narration of Genesis 1 through 3. The reasoned consideration of these two trees and their importance to God is central to our complete evaluation and understanding of Holy Scripture. These 2 powerful root symbols will be examined as to their symbolism and reality to the very soul of mans existence on this planet. I have written extensively upon the many instances of the always required two witness rule in scripture and these two witnesses are no exception to that biblical rule. These two trees are also eternal, both in the Kingdom of Heaven and also in the kingdoms of this world. Fallible and possibly sinful men cannot escape from being confronted with these two EYTZ [trees] in his short lifetime. The one Eytz s called “THE TREE OF LIFE” and the other is called by a more complex title; “THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEGE OF GOOD AND EVIL”. Neither tree ever stops bearing fruit.

I do not filter my singular relationship with YHWH God through the precepts of men, but I also consider what is on the obverse side of the coin; I do filter my many relationships with mankind through YHWH God.

People ask me, “What is your theological/doctrinal position?” my answer is, “I have no position at all theologically, but my boss, Yeshua has one and my job is to implement His position in this world.”

Another big difference between this writing and others of its kind is the denomination of its author. I have none. The works of people are biased by their beliefs. Most people belonging to a denomination are biased, and they tend to change the Bible to suit their beliefs. As I am non-denominational, I change my beliefs, to suit the Bible. So you can rest assured that when I try to convince you that the Bible says something, it really does say it.

When one begins with a false premise based upon a biased preconceived worldview; then everything downstream of that premise will also be wrong. It matters not if that sideroad is learned from other theory-logians or cooked up by the individual him/her-self; it is still wrong. Remember Einstein’s prophetic words, “The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.” This includes religious thought, doctrines, dogma, draculated governments and the rabbinic traditions of men. Intentionally trapping oneself in a Hegelian Dichotomy bus sliding down a slope of Entropy with no brakes, guarantees mediocrity at best and the death of creativity at worst. As it is said, “You cannot enroll a duck into a school for eagles.” However, if your initial premise is correct and it is in accordance with the plan and the pathway of the Almighties writing of the 5 books of the Torah through Moses and the eternal Appointed Feasts of Yahweh that YHWH God gave to Moses on the Mountain in Leviticus 23, and it is being fulfilled and executed by The Living Torah, Yeshua, our Messiah through His 5 Gospels; then your premise will be executed in the greatest story ever told, and you will see your life story and your fondest hopes play out.

Speaking from the morass of the religious wilderness of today, but walking on the road to Emmaus.

Quote from Moreh James Talbott, the wilderness Teacher

Our Lord, Yeshua, repeatedly instructed us: “Be not deceived.” That is an imperative: a command, and not simply a suggestion. But how do we obey and implement this instruction? What are the tools to prevent our being deceived or misled?

The context of a passage is always a primary consideration in the search for understanding of a passage of Scripture. It is often cited, “A verse out of context is a pretext.” And, indeed, one must always maintain an awareness of both who is doing the speaking and the audience being addressed. However, this foundational emphasis can also be a restrictive blindfold to some of a passage’s deeper (and broader) implications misunderstood by fallible mankind.

“About the time of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the [Biblical] Prophecies and insist upon their literal interpretation in the midst of much clamor and opposition.” Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

“God gave the prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men’s curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event; and his own providence, not the interpreters be then manifested thereby to the world. For the event of things predicted many ages before, will then be a convincing argument that the world is governed by providence.” Sir Isaac Newton [1642-1727]

Let us read the Sacred texts in terms of what they say, 

not what we have to superimpose on these texts.
We will come to this very distinct conclusion.
-Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)

Beware when great God lets loose a thinker on this planet. Then all things are at risk. It is as when a conflagration has broken out in a great city, and no man knows when it will end. There is not a piece of science but its flank may be turned tomorrow; there is not any literary reputation, not the so-called eternal names of fame, that may not be revised and condemned. The very hopes of man, the thoughts of his heart, the religion of nations, the manners and morals of mankind are all at the mercy of a new generalization.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The two trees in the Garden of Eden witness the eternal gospel clearly to saved humanity if we pay attention to our salvation, its author, Yeshua, and also the written word in the Bible.

Walking on the road to Emmaus,

Rabbi James Talbott



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