The Battle is the LORDS


Make no mistake, there will be a battle for as long as we live in the physical body, whether believer or unbeliever.  The most important thing to be aware of, is that, to win victory over our enemies, we must be obeying the commands of our General.  We can be sure that, if we are believers, our Commander is invincible.  Those who follow Satan, the temporary “god of this world” follow a powerful being.  It is obvious that he is able to reward his followers and trouble his enemies, but he is no match for the Lord Almighty.

After Yahweh God sent Moshe to lead His Hebrew people out of Egypt and to the land He had set-aside for them, they had to be prepared and strengthened for the capture of their inheritance.  This was accomplished only through hard testing, and only the faithful survived the forty-year journey.  Only two men, Joshua and Caleb remained of their generation to enter the land; of the many thousands of those who left Egypt with them.  All the others failed in their faith and died in the wilderness.  (Hebrews 4. Even after crossing the Jordan on dry land, after defeating and destroying Jericho, they were defeated in their attempt to take the small town of Ai.  The reason for their humiliating defeat was that there was sin in the camp.  One man had violated the direct order of Yahweh God and had taken for himself the forbidden property; and the whole community suffered. He, his family and all he owned were destroyed.  Following this tragedy, Israel defeated Ai and moved on.

When Israel’s army was careful to consult Adonai and follow His instructions, they were victorious as He went before them and fought for them.  Nevertheless, the army had to fight the physical battle.  The enemy did not just disappear without a battle.  Yahweh hardened the hearts of the people in the land, which was meant for Israel.  Therefore, they went out against Yah’s people and were thus defeated as the Lord will and He helped His people to win.

There are times and circumstances when Yah’s people are delivered from their attackers by Yah’s effort alone and the people have no need to fight, as related in II Kings 19 when the angel of the Lord slew 185,000 and Israel did not have to turn a hand; only trust and leave the battle to Yahweh.

Other accounts, such as that of Gideon’s little army of three hundred in Judges 6 show how Yahweh can deliver by many or by few in ways no other army except that of the Lord God could conceive or execute.

In Ezekiel 38, the great coming war of prophecy, describes how the devastation of earthquakes, torrential rain and giant hailstones, with fire and sulfur will be sent by Yahweh to destroy Israel’s many enemies on the mountains of Israel.  This will demonstrate to all the world that He alone is in control.  He will not allow puny man to continue to profane His Holy Name forever.

In this present age, the rebellion and blasphemy against the Almighty Ruler of the Universe is growing and becoming viler by the day.  As it was in the days of Noah when violence filled the earth, and in the days of Lot, when every detestable practice was common, so it is in this present day, and few seem to seek after truth and righteousness. The Lord of Heaven and earth does not change and He is observing all that mankind is involved in; wickedness, violence, refusal to acknowledge His sovereignty and the consequences are about to be delivered in full against this unholy and perverse generation.  The battle is being set up and the choice is clear.  All who are on Yah’s side had better be prepared in full armor and wearing holy garments, for the whole earth is ripe for retribution.  Rich and poor alike, righteous and unrighteous are about to experience the results of a cup of iniquity that is full to the brim.

II Timothy 3 reminds us of the type of vexation that will come against us by those who surround us in these last days and we must do battle against such troublesome assaults.  It is like the constant dripping of water which wears away even stone over time.  There is a danger in being constantly assaulted by wickedness when it becomes commonplace and accepted by the majority of our fellow man.

The things we see and hear can become the things we think about.  As a man thinks in his heart, so is he, says Proverbs.  There are many valuable words in the Book of Proverbs; providing reminders to guard the heart, watch our words and always remember to fear the Lord Yahweh.  Our minds need renewing every day, for every day we are bombarded by perversity and every kind of evil.  Our strength for battle is not our own, but the sword (the Word of Yah) is a deadly weapon against the enemy IF we keep it polished and readily at hand.  This is our part to perform if we want the Lord of Hosts to fight for us..  The moment we determine to ally ourselves with Yahweh and submit to His will, we can be assured of His help.  He will guard us from all sides, with warring angels all around us.  The training we receive during our “wilderness journey” will equip us with all we need to win.

 Erlene Talbott


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