Lamentations redux


In America today, most jobs, including government and volunteer positions, require that applicants be ‘bi-lingual’. The second language required is mostly Spanish as Mexicans speak it. This is a travesty. It is illegal, unconstitutional and is a slap in the face of all true English speaking Americans. English is our official language and has always been so.

There is a litany of sins committed by Americans that have brought sure judgment from the Creator upon all of America. There are loud complaints from true conservative Americans while the PC left plays video games and watches TV, fiddling while communists, Mexicans and Muslims destroy the former US Republic. Judgment is inevitable! Hear of Israel’s loud complaint to Yahweh over their judgment as written in the book of Lamentations, Chapter 5.

Lamentations 5

Remember, Creator, what has happened to us; look, and see our disgrace. The land we possessed has been passed on to strangers, and our homes to foreigners. (Illegal Aliens, unlawful rulers)

We have become fatherless orphans and our mothers now are widows. (Illegal and unscriptural sex, Feminism)

We have to pay to drink our own water; we have to buy our own wood. (Evil Governments)

The yoke is on our necks; we are persecuted; we toil to exhaustion but are given no rest. (Socialism, low wages, high prices)

We made pacts with Egypt and Ashur to get enough food. (Islam)

Our ancestors sinned and no longer exist; we bear the weight of their guilt. (Generational Sin)

Slaves rule us and there is no one to save us from their power. (Communism, Islam)

We get our food at the peril of our lives because of the sword in the desert. (Muslim persecution)

Our skins are as black as a furnace because of the searing blasts of famine. (Unaffordable Food, Drought, Desertification)

All these enumerated sins are now rampant in this formerly free nation. We richly deserve the just fruits of our many sins against our Creator Elohim.

Walking on the road to Emmaus,

Rav James Talbott, Yeshua HaTikvah Yisrael Ministry


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