Baptism of the Holy Spirit

 Mitzvah of the Ruach Ha Kodesh

[The Commandment/Baptism of the Holy Spirit]


This personal growth study on the Holy Spirit and His Manifestation Gift work in us is intended to bring maturity and blessings to the believing reader. That is my intention as my basis for presenting this written work on the Hebrew root study of this personage of the Blessed Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in us constantly since our conversion into the Kingdom of God for a reason. The Lord Yeshua himself primarily in John 14 through 17 explains that reason. Spiritual maturity in us is His goal and it is ours too, I pray.

This Biblical study, being controversial in American religion, requires a scriptural push in order to teach it to the body of Yeshua. Many denominations try to choke the Holy Spirit to death or limit his power with believers under their power, saying it is of the devil. This is the one unforgivable sin, blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I am reminded of the Almighty’s instruction in Acts, chapter 4, which says:

“So now, Lord, take note of their threats; and enable your slaves to speak your message with boldness!  Stretch out your hand to heal and to do signs and miracles through the name of your holy servant Yeshua!”

Matthew 12:

Yeshua says: “Those who are not with me are against me, and those who do not gather with me are scattering. Because of this, I tell you that people will be forgiven any sin and blasphemy, but blaspheming the Ruach HaKodesh will not be forgiven. One can say something against the Son of Man and be forgiven; but whoever keeps on speaking against the Ruach HaKodesh will never be forgiven, neither in the ‘olam hazeh nor in the ‘olam haba.”

ACTS of the Set Apart Emissaries of Yeshua, chapter 2:

“Then Kefa (Peter) stood up with the Eleven and raised his voice to address them: “You Judeans, and all of you staying here in Yerushalayim! Let me tell you what this means! Listen carefully to me!

“These people aren’t drunk, as you suppose — it’s only nine in the morning. No, this is what was spoken about through the prophet Yo’el:”

Yahweh says:

 “In the Last Days, I will pour out from my Spirit upon everyone.

 Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions; your old men will dream dreams. Even on my slaves, both men and women, will I pour out from my Spirit in those days; and they will prophesy.

 I will perform miracles in the sky above and signs on the earth below — blood, fire and thick smoke.

 The sun will become dark and the moon blood before the great and fearful Day of Yahweh comes.

And then, whoever calls on the name of Yahweh will be saved.”’

JOEL, the Prophet of Israel, chapter 2:

“You will know that I am with Isra’el and that I am Yahweh your God, and that there is no other. Then my people will never again be shamed.

 “After this, I will pour out my Spirit on all humanity.

 Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions; and also on male and female slaves in those days I will pour out my Spirit.

 I will show wonders in the sky and on earth — blood, fire and columns of smoke.

 The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and terrible Day of Yahweh.”

People ask me, “What is your theological/doctrinal position?” my answer is, “I have no position at all theologically, but my boss, Yeshua has one and my job is to implement His position in this world.”

Another big difference between this writing and others of its kind is the denomination of its author. I have none. The works of people are biased by their beliefs. Most people belonging to a denomination are biased, and they tend to change the Bible to suit their beliefs. As I am non-denominational, I change my beliefs, to suit the Bible. So you can rest assured that when I try to convince you that the Bible says something, it really does say it.

A Mitzvah/Mitzvot is a Commandment performed

When one begins with a false premise based upon a biased preconceived worldview; then everything downstream of that premise will also be wrong. It matters not if that sideroad is learned from other theory-logians or cooked up by the individual him/her-self; it is still wrong. Remember Einstein’s prophetic words, “The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.” This includes religious thought, doctrines, dogma, draculated governments and the rabbinic traditions of men. Intentionally trapping oneself in a Hegelian Dichotomy bus sliding down a slope of Entropy with no brakes, guarantees mediocrity at best and the death of creativity at worst. As it is said, “You cannot enroll a duck into a school for eagles.”

However, if your initial premise is correct and it is in accordance with the plan and the pathway of the Almighties writing of the 5 books of the Torah through Moses and the eternal Appointed Feasts of Yahweh that YHWH God gave to Moses on the Mountain in Leviticus 23, and it is being fulfilled and executed by The Living Torah, Yeshua, our Messiah through His 5 Gospels; then your premise will be executed in the greatest story ever told, and you will see your life story and your fondest hopes play out.

Proverbs 4:23: Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences.”

Rav James Talbott, Speaking from the morass of the religious wilderness of today, but walking on the road to Emmaus



1 Cor.12: 1,”Now, concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant”.


I was saved in 1962 and Immersed (“Baptized”) in the Holy Spirit in 1980. This study is a result of over 33 years of research into the sovereign subject of the Manifestational Gifts of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) that is delineated in First Corinthians, chapters 12-14 and a compilation of many pages of handwritten notes and teaching outlines. It is written, compiled and edited by Messianic Moreh James Talbott of Yeshua Ha Tikvah Yisrael Ministries with the loving help of his wife, Erlene and the Ruach Ha Kodesh, (Holy Spirit), (John 14:26; 16:13-14; Amos 3:7). I also wish to thank the many contributions of caring and gentle Washington State Pastors and teachers who guided me in my early years of study of Yahweh’s word. I appreciate loving men such as Rev. Al Munger and Al Baunsgard of the Assemblies of God, Rev. Arnie Jergenson of Faith Fellowship, Rev. Emiliano Valle of Faith Gospel Center and “Grandpa” Sutton, father of E.F. Sutton, who, at his 86th year of age, opened the Book of Revelation to me in a new and refreshing way. I especially wish to thank my loving wife, Erlene who maintains my balance in all things and who is awesome in her love for Yeshua and the things of Yahweh.

© This document is copywrited 2002/2014 by Rav James Talbott and Erlene Talbott, his awesome Bar Naba wife, Bible teacher and contributor to this essay.

First Corinthians 14: 8: For if the Shofar gives out an uncertain sound; who shall prepare himself for the battle?

Habakkuk 2: 2: And Yahweh answered me, and said,Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that reads it.”

I agree with Charles Grandison Finney:

Brethren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits.

If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree.

If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it.

If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it.

If the Church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it.

If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it.

If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it.

If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.

Let us not ignore this fact, my dear brethren; but let us lay it to heart, and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility in respect to the morals of this nation.

Charles Grandison Finney’s sermon, entitled “Power from on high”, republished in 1944, which I recently discovered after writing this essay; fits in exactly with this teaching despite many years elapsing in time between the two writings, his and mine! YHWH God is Awesome!

POWER FROM ON HIGH, chapter 1, quoted excerpt, by Charles G. Finney, 1871 CE

“Please permit me through your columns to correct a misapprehension of some of the members of the late Council at Oberlin of the brief remarks, which I made to them; first on Saturday morning, and afterwards on the Lord’s Day. In my first remarks to them I called attention to the mission of the Church to disciple all nations, as recorded by Matthew and Luke, and stated that this commission was given by Christ to the whole Church, and that every member of the Church is under obligation to make it his lifework to convert the world. I then raised two inquiries:

  1. What do we need to secure success in this great work?
  2. How can we get it?


  1. We need the endowment of power from on high. Christ had previously informed the disciples that without Him they could do nothing. When He gave them the commission to convert the world, He added, “But tarry ye in Jerusalem till ye be endued with power from on high. Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. Lo, I send upon you the promise of My Father.” This baptism of the Holy Ghost, this thing promised by the Father, this endowment of power from on high, Christ has expressly informed us is the indispensable condition of performing the work, which he has set before us.
  2. How shall we get it? Christ expressly promised it to the whole Church, and to every individual whose duty it is to labor for the conversion of the world. He admonished the first disciples not to undertake the work until they had received this endowment of power from on high. Both the promise and the admonition apply equally to all Christians of every age and nation. No one has, at any time, any right to expect success, unless he first secures this endowment of power from on high. The example of the first disciples teaches us how to secure this endowment. They first consecrated themselves to his work, and continued in prayer and supplication until the Holy Ghost fell upon them on the Day of Pentecost, and they received the promised endowment of power from on high. This, then, is the way to get it.

The Council desired me to say more upon this subject; consequently, on the Lord’s Day, I took for my text the assertion of Christ, that the Father is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him than we are to give good gifts to our children.


  1. I said, this text informs us that it is infinitely easy to obtain the Holy Spirit, or this endowment of power from the Father.


  1. That this is made a constant subject of prayer. Everybody prays for this, at all times, and yet, with all this intercession, how few, comparatively, are really endued with this spirit of power from on high! This want is not met. The want of power is a subject of constant complaint. Christ says, “Everyone that asketh receiveth,” but there certainly is a “great gulf” between the asking and receiving, that is a great stumbling block to many. How, then, is this discrepancy to be explained? I then proceeded to show why this endowment is not received. I said:

(1) We are not willing, upon the whole, to have what we desire and ask.

(2) God has expressly informed us that if we regard iniquity in our hearts He will not hear us. But the petitioner is often self-indulgent. This is iniquity, and God will not hear him. There is a great difference between the peace and the power of the Holy Spirit in the soul. The disciples were Christians before the Day of Pentecost, and, as such, had a measure of the Holy Spirit. They must have had the peace of sins forgiven, and of a justified state, but yet they had not the endowment of power necessary to the accomplishment of the work assigned them. They had the peace, which Christ had given them, but not the power, which He had promised. This may be true of all Christians, and right here is, I think, the great mistake of the Church, and of the ministry. They rest in conversion, and do not seek until they obtain this endowment of power from on high. Hence so many professors have no power with either God or man. They prevail with neither. They cling to a hope in Christ, and even enter the ministry, overlooking the admonition to wait until they are endued with power from on high. But let anyone bring all the tithes and offerings into God’s treasury, let him lay all upon the altar, and prove God herewith, and he shall find that God “will open the windows of heaven, and pour him out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

End of Finney quote

The expose of false doctrines, teachers and prophets is an unpleasant duty at best that Yahweh has given to some folks as a ministry of exhortation to the body of Messiah, as He gave that chore to the prophets and apostles of olden days. They did not relish the task, but in fact, complained loudly to YHWH about the way they were threatened and hurt, even killed by the very same people that YHWH was trying to correct. Western Christian theologians long ago have fallen into the quicksand of Roman Catholic Dogma and practices; even to the extent of dragging a large load of it through the reformation, thereby rendering the reformation into a partial, largely ineffective movement. The Catholic “holy see” then calls the “Protestants” a wayward daughter soon to be brought back into the Roman fold as repentant sheep. Whether it is Catholic Dogma, Jewish Rabbinical decrees, Kabalistic encores or Protestant denominational, dispensational Theological pronouncements; all bear the same stamp of man created religious “Takanot”, “Geserot” and “Ma’asim” which are addressed in the next paragraph.

2 Kefa (Peter), chapter 3:

And consider the long patience of our Master as salvation; even as our beloved brother Sha’ul (Paul) also according to the chochmah (wisdom) given to him has written to you; As also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things; in which some things are hard to understand, which they that are unlearned and unstable twist, as they do also the other Keetvay HaKodesh (Holy Scriptures), to their own destruction (and their students confusion). You then, beloved ones, seeing you know these things beforehand (from your youth), beware lest you also, being led away with the delusion of Torah-less-ness (lawlessness), fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in favor and in the da’at (grace) of our Master and Savior Yeshua ha Moshiach (Jesus Messiah). To Him be tifereth (glory) both now and le-olam-va-ed (forever). Omein.

Hopefully, this study; if read with love and a humble spirit, will break through the murderous internecine, denominational feuding among believers and create a humble attitude of acceptance of YHWH Elohim’s Halacha (ways).

The message of Salvation through Grace; first given by the Almighty in the Torah and sealed in the shed blood of the final Paschal Lamb, Yeshua/Jesus, our Savior; has not changed in eternity.

“See that you do ALL THINGS after the PATTERN that I showed Moshe [Moses] on the Holy Mountain, Horev” says the Almighty Eloah.

This study is an important part of that PATTERN; presented by our creator and lawgiver, Yahweh Elohim, as an eternal example of “good things to come” expressed by Yeshua, his Son in fullness. Since the PATTERN is declared as eternal by both the Father and the Son, he who says that it is “done away with”, has departed from the faith and has abandoned Scripture in favor of “Bubbe Mysehs” [granny tales].


“Power for Service; the Holy Spirit UPON”. (Matt. 3:11,16; Mark 1:4,7-10; Luke 3:2-3,16,21-22; John 1:32-34).

YESHUA is our example. He was conceived of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and was always indwelt by the Ruach for He was and is Yahweh. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are Echad (One) in essence and persona. (Matt. 1:18, 20.21, 23; Lu.2:40).



Mitzvah, pl. Mitzv’ot, means literally: a command or commandment performed, and, more broadly, a general principle for living or a good deed/ work performed in faith believing which blesses another, (Matt. 5:19).

The MIKVAH (IMMERSION) (Baptism of the Holy Spirit) is a prerequisite for exercising the 9 MANIFESTATIONAL GIFTS of the RUACH HA KODESH.

MIKVAH is defined as IMMERSION IN, and is correctly understood as an additional GIFT from YAHWEH, as is water immersion, which equips ALL believers for service in order to operate within the supernatural manifestational GIFTS of the HOLY SPIRIT.

ASK and you SHALL [legal imperative] RECEIVE!

“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name [Yeshua] of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name [Yeshua] of the Son of God. And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” First John 5:13-15

The gifts and the calling of Yahweh are without repentance!

Romans 11:29

What is a spiritual GIFT?

Anything that you receive freely from someone is a GIFT. That which is worked for and received is WAGES. All things are yours in MESSIAH. YOU receive from YAHWEH FREELY. There is nothing for which you may make payment, or receive by endeavor. Everything you ever received or ever will receive from YAHWEH is a GIFT.

All Believers have received the indwelling presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) at the time of their entrance into the family of YAHWEH through faith unto salvation, regeneration and justification in the body of Yeshua Ha Moshiach (Jesus the Messiah).

(1 Cor. 12:3; Ro.5: 1-5).

Our need was and is His presence for our salvation to happen, that is, He comes into us and indwells us with His Spirit at salvation time. We are given the greatest gift of all, the fullness of Yeshua and the Ruach Ha Kodesh when we turn our lives and future over to His loving care. But, all Believers have not received the Mikvah of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Baptism/immersion of/in the Holy Spirit) which is an additional Mitzvah (commandment) that the Almighty has given to us as a gift after salvation that is given through FAITH, UNTO POWER, for ADDED SERVICE to Yahweh according to His will which is working in us continually.

The key words in this essay are “Baptize, UPON, promise, power to serve”. Our need is His power for supernatural service to impart more spiritual giftings to us. (Acts 1:8,2:4, Cornelius household, Acts 10:44-48; First Peter, 4:8; Mr. ”gimme” Simon the magus, Acts 8:13-24; Peters defense of, Acts 11:1517; the Disciples, Acts 19:1-7).

Is it John’s MIKVAH immersion; or is it Yeshua’s MIKVAH immersion?

  1. John (The Mikvah man) Immersed the Jews (Judah) UNTO Repentance according to the commandments (613) given to Moses on the mountain by YAHWEH. “See that you do ALL things after the pattern that I showed Moses on the mountain” is repeated again and again throughout Scripture. This water immersion was done under the Tanakh (Old Covenant) prior to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Yeshua, which initiated the (New) Renewed Covenant. It was then repeated under the New Covenant with an expanded meaning; not changed, but FILLED UP in the Savior. Thus it is done today with this understanding in a partial way. Dripping water on ones head is not immersion INTO water by any stretch of truth.
  2. All four Gospels very clearly state that John, the Mikvah man, announced that He was expecting Messiah to come and that Messiah would Immerse ALL believers in the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and Fire, in the sense of purging out the old leaven of sin; a type of the holocaust offering [Shoah]. Therefore, based on the rabbinical laws of interpretation, the PaRDeS; this additional Blessing of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit [Mikvah of the Ruach HaKodesh] after Salvation was, and is; NOT an OPTION, but is commanded by YAHWEH. The idea that some denominations maintain; that one does not need the Baptism of Yeshua is ridiculous and unsupported Scripturally, but is put forward out of the FEAR of a person’s surrendering to changes/growth to his/her maturity that is initiated by Yahweh’s POWER gifts as given to believers by Yeshua. (Acts 1:8.)
  3. Yeshua’s public ministry did not officially begin UNTIL the Ruach Ha Kodesh came UPON Him for service at His personal “(Baptism)” IMMERSION, by John at the river Jordan which John verified by publicly stating what he saw, by saying, “I saw the Ruach DESCENDING UPON Him like a Dove”! Yeshua said, “Suffer it to be so,” (Luke 3:21-22; 4:1-2) and the Holy Spirit DESCENDED UPON Him like a Dove.
  4. Yeshua’s whole life and ministry was one of Miracles, Healing and the full exercise of ALL the GIFTS of the Ruach Ha Kodesh which were in Him from eternities past as He was and is Elohim and Melech Tzadique [King of Righteousness].
  5. The TALMUDIN/ DISCIPLES are our example. Remember that all of the Four Gospel narratives remained under the Tanakh and Torah Covenants until the Crucifixion, at which time the Renewed, (New) Covenant was initiated in Yeshua’s blood, which FULFILLED (see Webster’s dictionary) the Torah written Law of sacrifices and DID NOT do away with the Torah (Law), else Yeshua would be a liar and deny His own words ( 5:17-19) and the eternality of the Torah as His Father said throughout Scripture. One only needs to look up the word FULFILL in a good dictionary to silence the “Disputers of Words”,

     (1 Tim.6: 3-5).

  1. In the Gospels, the 12 and the 70 disciples were given special power by Yeshua to accomplish His commands. The Holy Spirit was with them in the PERSON of Yeshua Ha Moshiach.
  2. The Holy Spirit was promised to be IN them, (14: 17).
  3. The Holy Spirit INDWELLS them in John 20:22. This happened AFTER the Resurrection when Yeshua breathed UPON them and said, “Receive ye the Holy Spirit”.
  4. POWER was and is given as a GIFT for the purpose of Yahweh’s set-apart emissaries for service; as it is given by the Holy Spirit coming UPON believers is an entirely different and subsequent experience from the word IN given at salvation. This was PROMISED, (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4, 4-8cf; Luke 3:16; John 16:7, 13, (UNTO in both aspects).
  5. The promise takes place in Acts 2:1ff.
  6. The promise is seen in retrospect in Acts 2:17-18, 33, 38-39.
  7. This new apostolic set-apart emmisarial ministry is now seen; as evidenced by 3,000 Jews [the House of Judah in the land then and restored in 1948 and today] and Israelites [the House of Israel still in the Diaspora nations today as Ephraim, but in Jerusalem for the feast of Shavuot on that day in obedience to Torah and in that Place] that are SAVED in Acts 2:41 and the same added daily in Acts 2:47. Additional immediate ministry as a result of the Baptism of Yeshua includes the MIRACLE of the lame man in Acts 3:1-11 in which 5,000 were saved, with great power in Acts 4:29 and with SIGNS and WONDERS in Acts 5:12-16; 6:3, 5, 8; 8:6-7. See also Mark 16:17-20 and 2:4.
  8. The early Messianic Believers are our example [ensample]:
    1. The Samaritans in SALVATION, (Acts 8:5-14) and the RUACH UPON (Acts 8:15-24).
    2. The Apostle Paul in SALVATION, (Acts 9:1-18) and the RUACH UPON (Acts 9:17 and 1 Cor.14:18).
    3. The Gentile believers in SALVATION, (Acts 10:2, 4, 22, 34-35) and the RUACH UPON (Acts 10: 44-47). This is further explained in Acts 11:1417 and 1 Cor.2:11-16.
    4. The Ephesian believers in SALVATION (Acts 19:1-5) and the RUACH UPON (Acts 19:6).

Earnestly seek for ALL of the GIFTS and BLESSINGS that YAHWEH has offered to us as we increase in the knowledge of Yeshua. After all, FREELY He has given and FREELY we should receive. Is it not wonderful that He continues FREELY to give of Himself today? Remember that Ha S.a.tan at his strongest is less than a believer at his weakest with Yeshua as our strength. Get this!


Some New Covenant scriptures relative to “Gifts” are Eph.4:8, 11-12; Ro.12:3-8; 1 Cor.12:1-11, 28-31; 1 Pet.4:10-11.

I realize that all this is a real mouthful to absorb, but all will become clear as we see what Yahweh has to say about the blessing (gift) through Scripture. So let us begin our study.


The Salvation of Israel, God’s chosen people, was expressed as Faith in the promised Messiah to come (Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David) and the national salvation of Israel was accomplished by delivering them, both physically and spiritually from bondage to the Egyptians as slaves to a sinful nation. The Torah instructions of the Almighty (Law) gave Israel the Afikomen or Pesach lamb (Suffering Messiah), who was to be slain (Is.53) on the tree to first redeem Israel and after them, adopting the former Gentiles, Israel’s companions, who entered the covenant by faith; of which keeping the Holy sacrifices, Feasts of Yahweh, and appointed times and seasons was commanded as a perpetual covenant, which Yeshua kept by fulfilling [filling up in Himself], and by not doing away with. (Ro.4:3; Matt. 5:17-19; Jo.1:29). What part of that do you not understand? Replacement theology and John Nelson Darby’s Dispensationalism is heresy in light of these and other Scriptures. My take on Dispensationalism is that those who adhere to it “dispense with” all scriptures that they do not agree with.

The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) did indwell the Torah believers throughout the Tanakh [OT], (Jo.14:17; Col.1:2627) and gave power for whatever service was required of them when Yahweh called them to serve Him. He “Fell upon” His servants to accomplish His ministry for a specific requirement, task and/or symbol (Amos 3:7).

  1. Moses and the 70 elders, (11:17, 25-26, 29).
  2. Balaam, (24:2).
  3. Gideon, (6:34).
  4. Sampson, (13:25; 14:19).
  5. Saul, (1 Sam.10:10; 11:6).
  6. David, (1 Sam.16:13).
  7. Messengers, (1 Sam.19:20, 23).
  8. Elisha, (2 Ki.2:9, 15).
  9. Azariah, (2 Chr.15:1).
  10. Ezekiel, (11:5).

FEAR, (False Evidence Appears Real).

In the entire world and in every realm of human activity, there is no force whose presence is so utterly to be deplored as fear. Fear is destructive. It breeds jealousy and hate. It is fear, which sets men and nations at variance. It is fear and nothing less that has hindered progress down through the ages. Fear DECEIVES, CONFUSES and transmits Lashan Hara (the evil tongue, slander, gossip) and Fear [a spirit] always LIES to us.

When exercising ones manifestational gift of the “Discerning of [evil] Spirits”:

“Spirits narrate things wholly false, and lie. When spirits begin to speak to man, care should be taken not to believe them, for most everything they say is made up by them, and they lie; so if we permitted them to relate what Heaven is, and how things are in Heaven, they would tell so many falsehoods, and with such strong assertion that man would be astonished; wherefore it was not permitted me when spirits were speaking to have any belief in what they stated. They love to feign. Whatever may be the topic spoken of, they think they know it, and if man listens and believes, they insist, and in various ways deceive and seduce.”

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), Miscellaneous Works

In the spiritual realm, fear is our greatest foe and Satan’s most formidable weapon. It is the fear of death that keeps the unsaved in bondage. (He.2:15). It is the fear of man that bringeth a snare, (Pro.29:25). Fear hinders the Believer in his life of service to his Lord. It is fear that keeps many of Yahweh’s people from going on in their life of service into the gifted realm of the Ruach (Spirit).


If the unsaved were not ignorant of the existence of the plan of salvation first given to Israel; if they understood the significance and the reality of the new birth in Yeshua; their fear of death would vanish away and they would accept Yeshua and be saved from their sins. When you, my believing friend, brother and sister, RECEIVE enlightenment about the things of the Ruach (Spirit), your FEAR of the supernatural will disappear; and, as that fear goes, it will be replaced by FAITH; FAITH in the supernatural, free spiritual gifts of YAHWEH, faith in Messiah Himself and in the things that pertain to the furtherance of His Gospel. Praise His Name!

In all the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, nothing is more apparent than the fact that YAHWEH desires His people Israel, Judah and the Ecclesia (former gentiles) to understand the things, which belong to their peace and giftings. He would not have us to be ignorant. In the beginning He said, “Let there be light”, and there was light, (Ge.1:3). Isaiah entreats us to “Walk in that light”, (Is.2:5). Yeshua said that we were to be as wise as serpents, (Matt.10:16). Paul would have us wise to that, which is good, (Ro.16:19). James says that, if any man lack wisdom let him ask of YAHWEH who giveth liberally and upbraideth not, (Ja.1:5).

YAHWEH does not want us walking in darkness. His Torah (Word, Instruction, Teaching, Commands) is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, (Ps.119:105). His Torah (Word) sheds light and understanding upon every phase of a believer’s experience. He makes the way of salvation so plain that the wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein, (Is.35:8). He does not leave us in the dark concerning them which sleep in Yeshua Ha Moshiach, (1 Thess.4:13-18). We are not left in ignorance as to the devices of Satan, (2 Cor.2:11), and it is made very clear by our text that we are to have a concise and proper conception of spiritual gifts also. “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant”. Unfortunately, a lot of people are ignorant, and willfully so.


The gift of Prophecy was used by Enoch, the seventh from Adam, (Jude 14), and the record of its use down through the four thousand years before Messiah includes such well known Tanakh characters as Isaac (Ge.27:27-29); Jacob (Gen. Chapters 48 and 49); Joseph (Gen. Chapters 40 and 41); Balaam, his donkey (Nu. Chapters 22 to 24) and Saul (1 Sam.10:11), along with all the others of the major and minor prophets whose prophetic utterances comprise many pages of Holy writ.

The gift of the Word of Knowledge is seen in operation in the ministry of Joseph (Ge.41:25-32); Daniel, (Dan.2:1-45); Samuel, (1 Sam. Chapters 8, 9 and 10); and Elisha, (2 Ki.5:26, 6:8-12, 31-33).

The gift of the Word of Wisdom is referred to as in evidence in the ministries of Joshua, (De.34:9); Joseph, (Ge.41:33-39), and Solomon, (1 Ki.3:12).

The gift of Healing is evidently present in the ministry of the Kohanim and Prophets in the days of the Tanakh.

The Gift of Miracles was a mighty weapon in the hands of Moses for the liberating of the people of Yahweh, and in the hands of Elijah and Elisha, to the confounding of the enemies of Yahweh.

The book of Hebrews (Messianic Jews), the eleventh chapter, abounds with the testimony of those who exercised the Gift of Faith, who were all “Old Testament” people. No “New” Testament people are mentioned in this list, only Israelites of the Tanakh.

However, the GIFTS OF THE RUACH (SPIRIT) that were to be in operation in their FULLNESS, were to be the HALLMARKS of the Age of GRACE from Genesis until now and are continuing to walk with TORAH in the Renewed Covenant; which is given to Israel and through Yeshua to all who believe (Mt.15:24), and to this; both the Tanakh and the Renewed Covenant agree, (Is.35:4-8; Mark 16:15-20). In this connection, it is worth taking note of the fact that when Yeshua commenced His ministry, as we will find recorded in Luke 4:14-22 (please note v. 21), the Scriptures not only agree, but are fulfilled (filled up) in regard to the release of His power as the giver of all spiritual gifts including, but not limited to, salvation, administrations, ministry, helps, giving, spirituality and manifestational.

The Gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) in this essay are manifestational in nature and are nine in number. They are enumerated in 1 Cor.12:8-10 as three groups of three each and are an exact replica of and are complimentary to the nine “be-attitudes” in Matthew chapter 5 spoken of on the Mount of reversal discourse. Chapter 12 defines the manifestational gifts. Chapter 14 explains their use; both in the believers life and in the life of the Messianic congregations (Ecclesia). Chapter 13 defines the heart attitude and lifestyle requirements needed to employ the gifts as a supernatural blessing to others. It is the meat between the two slices of whole wheat, unleavened bread; Hillel’s Passover sandwich, if you understand what the savior served at the last Seder [supper].

Sha’ul [Paul] exercised the manifestational gifts regularly in his ministry.

Second Corinthians 12: 12 says:

12 Truly the signs of a sholiach [set apart emissary, called by the pagan word; apostle] were done among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty mitzvoth.


I question how modern non-believing churches today, in order to deny or to dispense with the scriptures that they fear to address, twist this testimony of Paul?

The gifts are listed by their various characteristics and usages. These headings or titles are used commonly to designate the various gifts.


[Signs and wonders displayed to believers and unbelievers alike]

  1. The gift of Tongues.
  2. The gift of Interpretation of Tongues.
  3. The gift of Prophecy.

[The evidence of things not seen displayed and set apart]

  1. The gift of Faith.
  2. The gift of Miracles.
  3. The gifts of Healing.

[The Word of YHWH displayed and used for His glory]

  1. The gift of the Word of Wisdom.
  2. The gift of the Word of Knowledge.
  3. The gift of the Discerning of Spirits.

We now need to understand fully the significance of the term GIFT as it is used here with reference to these manifestations of the power of YAHWEH as they are displayed.

The GIFT is the Yahweh given ability to perform the Act.

The Act differs, i.e., TONGUES, INTERPRETATIONS, etc.


The gift of Tongues is the Yahweh given ability to speak in other tongues at will, (1 Cor.12:10d).

Those speaking in tongues are at your own “will” and this is made evident by the Rules and Regulations in Yahweh’s Word regarding its use. You decide by surrendering your tongue, an unruly member of your body, as James says, to Holy Spirit control. Nothing has brought more shame on the Body of Believers down through the years than the abuse of this gift. Many of the offenses have been committed in ignorance. Please remember that Father YAHWEH does NOT want us to be IGNORANT concerning these things.


YAHWEH uses our most unruly member in our body to exercise His control. In the Tanakh, the male procreative member was “set apart” through circumcision (B’rit Rit-Mi-lah). In the B’rit Chadashah, (Renewed Covenant), the unruly tongue is “set apart” to be gifted in order to serve YAHWEH, (James 3:6-8). YAHWEH brings these unruly things into submission to Himself. Remember, that in order to halt Lashan Hara (the evil tongue), Yahweh has put two doors in front of it; the teeth and the lips.

The Gift of Tongues is:

  1. Commanded (not optional), (1 Cor.14:5, 18, and 39).
  2. It is to edify yourself and intercede for others, (1 Cor.14:4, 17; Ro.8:26-27).
  3. It is to build up your Faith, (Jude 20).
  4. It is to create New Praise, (1 Cor.14:14-15). Words sometimes fail in English, but, in tongues, the Ruach Ha Kodesh takes our tongue and then offers up praise to YAHWEH. How wonderful!
  5. Controlling the tongue equals, control of the whole body, (James 3).
  6. Tongues are a door opening to oneness with Yahweh’s heart, a heart of praise.
  7. We experience closer communion with YAHWEH.
  8. An experience of Great Spirit filled liberty and an infilling of joy and peace.
  9. Tongues are not for personal thrills.

Is it the LEAST of the Gifts?

We cannot say that it is the least of the gifts unless we indicate its use, whether it be operative in the congregation for others or used in one’s personal life for edification.

If Tongues are operative in the congregation for others; true, it is less than Prophecy for no one else is edified, (1 Cor.14:19), unless it is Interpreted. Then, Tongues and Interpretation is EQUAL to Prophecy, (1 Cor.14:5).

If Tongues be operative for our own personal edification to build up our most Holy Faith; then nowhere does it say that it is the least of the gifts. In fact, it is ESSENTIAL, COMMANDED by YAHWEH and of GREAT IMPORTANCE, (1 Cor.14:4, 5, 15, 18, 39; Jude 20).

Tests of Validity:

Does it agree with Scripture? Does it bear good fruit? Is Yeshua Glorified?

What has it done for me?

It has given a greater sense of the reality of YAHWEH, a greater sense of the reality of myself; a greater sense of the reality of evil and a greater sense of the reality of the Word of Yahweh (Torah/instruction).

Is it true scripturally?

Has the Apostate Clergy made Yeshua Ha Moshiach a doctrine only, a way of life (many traditions), a Fossilized Custom, and a kind of sentiment instead of a persona of the Eloah and life itself?

What it is NOT.

It is not the so called gift of languages, that is, the supposed ability to speak at will or any other way in any desired tongue by the power of YAHWEH. Neither is it linguistic ability, (1 Cor.12:11), “All these worketh that one and the same Spirit……” It is not the knowledge of tongues because “No man understandeth” (1 Cor.14:2). It is not the evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Compare Acts 2:4 with the many references to this gift in 1 Cor.12, 13, 14. They are sequential giftings, in other words, the empowerment occurs first, followed by the exercise of the gift of Tongues.

What it IS.

In operation, it is YOU SPEAKING in OTHER TONGUES (languages, earthly or Heavenly), not yelling, screaming or making hideous noises; but speaking in other languages. If you speak in English, (if that is your Tongue), then any OTHER language is ANOTHER TONGUE to you. “Other Tongues” will include any known or unknown tongues outside of those that you are capable of speaking naturally. Remember, the thousands of various people in Jerusalem, who spoke many different languages, heard the disciples speak of the glories of YHWH “In his own” language. This could not be anything other but supernatural as YHWH, not men determined it.

You do not understand what you speak. This is made plain by the Scriptures in 1 Cor.14:2, 4, 13, 14, 19 and 27. In each of these, the tongues spoken are referred to as UNKNOWN tongues. Some folks interpret this as meaning that the language sometimes spoken is a language that no one on the face of the earth understands. This is true, but it is not the whole interpretation of the statement. It also signifies that those present do NOT UNDERSTAND the language spoken. This is further made plain by 1 Cor.14:18,”but he did not understand what he was speaking”, v.19. Incidentally, this does away with any idea of the gift of languages as taught by some as special equipage for missionary service. Paul was the greatest of missionaries, yet the above verses of Scripture make it very plain that the tongues he spoke were by the power of YAHWEH and he did not understand one word of it. Rabbi Paul, by natural ability, was multilingual with Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and probably Latin as his normally understood languages, so these languages were not “Other Tongues” to him, (Acts 21:37-40).

What the gift of Tongues is FOR: IT’S PURPOSE.

  1. It is for the express purpose of speaking to YAHWEH in mysteries (Sod’), (1 Cor.14:2).
  2. Your spirit is Praying, your understanding remains unfruitful, (1 Cor.14:14).
  3. It is to edify yourself, to build yourself up (charge your spiritual battery) in your most Holy Faith, (1 Cor.14:4).

This gift, incidentally, is the only one whereby we may build ourselves up. This is what Jude refers to in Jude 2. How it produces this result in us is largely by causing us to EXERCISE FAITH. It requires a deliberate ACT of Faith to speak in tongues unto YAHWEH and in a congregation setting.

However, there is a deeper significance to this statement also. In 1 Cor.14:2, we are told that we, when speaking to YAHWEH in tongues, we are speaking in the SPIRIT. Paul says that in v.14, “My spirit prayeth”, and in v.15, “I will pray with the Spirit, I will sing with the Spirit”; also declaring that he will do the same things with the understanding. He states that when you GIVE THANKS in the SPIRIT, you give thanks WELL, v.16-17, but he makes it very clear that any one else present does not understand you. He proves, in other words, that PRAYING in or with the Spirit is SPEAKING IN TONGUES TO YAHWEH, or turns it the other way around if it makes more sense to you.

We read also, in Romans 8:15 that we have received the “Spirit of adoption whereby we cry ABBA, Father”, v.16, “The Spirit bears witness”, v.23; we,” Who have received the Spirit, groan within ourselves”, v.26, “The Spirit likewise helpeth us, etc., MAKETH INTERCESSION for the saints ACCORDING to the WILL of YAHWEH”. Now read 1 Cor.14:2 and 1 Cor.2:9-16. The speaking in Tongues unto YAHWEH produces the effect in you referred to in Eph.3:16, strengthening you with might BY HIS SPIRIT in your INNER Man, the inner man being the NEW MAN or NEW CREATURE of 2 Cor.5:17. The natural man can and does pray outside of the will of YAHWEH. It is possible for our natural understanding to clutter up THE WAY to pray. When we pray in Tongues, we pray according to the WILL of YAHWEH, our understanding being laid temporarily to one side. One more thought in this connection. Many folk wait for the URGE of the SPIRIT to speak in tongues. This is not right in connection to your speaking to YAHWEH. This has to do with speaking FOR YAHWEH, which will be addressed later in this study. Remember that you can deliberately speak to YAHWEH in tongues at any time, once you have received the Gift of Tongues. It is given for this express purpose, (1 Cor.14:4) so that you may Build yourself UP in the Ruach.

Secondly, it is for the bringing forth of MESSAGES FROM YAHWEH, that is, SPEAKING FOR HIM, in the Congregation, to the Congregation. This is not fruitful and is PROHIBITED unless there is INTERPRETATION after the second, or at most, the third attempt, (1 Cor.14:5, 13, 27, and 28). With Interpretation, it EQUALS Prophecy, (1 Cor.14:4-5), therefore, with Interpretation, it edifies the Congregation. It is a sign for unbelievers, (1 Cor.14:22; Mark 16:17). It is not done in disorder however, as this drives unbelievers away, (1 Cor.14:23). If there is no Interpretation, you are to keep silent, (1 Cor.14:28). You have control of the OPERATION of the Gift always, (1 Cor.14:32). Yahweh is not the author of confusion, (1 Cor.14:33). You are commanded by YAHWEH to “FORBID NOT” etc., (1 Cor.14:39). All things are to be done DECENTLY and in ORDER, (1 Cor.14:40).

People who mock the speaking in tongues and call it gibberish show their gross ignorance. No language is gibberish, even though the Tongue of one people may sound very odd in the ears of a people of a different Tongue.


Many seem to interpret this as a statement of fact rather than the question that it is. Perhaps they do not understand what a question mark means. The QUESTION is asked. All may and all should, (Mark 16:17; 1 Cor.14:5). Yeshua did in Mark 5:41 when He said in Aramaic, “Talith’a-Kumi”, which means when correctly interpreted “Damsel under my Tallit, (Prayer Shawl of a Rabbi), Arise” (all Christian Pastors and teachers mis-interpret this phrase because they deny their Hebrew roots), and again in Mark 7:34, “Ephatha” which is interpreted as “Be opened”. Mary Magdalene, at the resurrection in Luke 20:16 said “Rabboni” which is interpreted as “Master of all Rabbis’, (Teacher of all Teachers).”


Correct, but when? The verse also says knowledge and prophecy shall vanish too. Again, when? V.10, “When that which is PERFECT shall come” is stated as the correct time for these three things to vanish. There is only one that is PERFECT, Yeshua Ha Moshiach. I know of no other. He is the living TORAH (Yahweh’s Loving Instruction), (Word) and until He comes as Messiah ben David, any theological wiggling or interpretive spin doctoring cannot fulfill this Scripture. Study the context carefully. NOW darkly- and THEN face to face-NOW understands in part- THEN know as we are known. ALL knowledge, tongues and prophecy are snowed under when YESHUA Himself appears the second time as King of Righteousness unto Glory.

No good comes of the use of Tongues unless LOVE is the motivating factor and principle. CORRECT, (1 Cor.13:1).

There are those, of course, who simply say that NO GOOD comes of the use of Tongues, period. Please remember that there will always be the willfully ignorant. Let them be ignorant. YAHWEH would not have US ignorant of these things, (1 Cor.12:1; 14:38).

The gift of Tongues is for ALL, (1 Cor.14:5). Who are the ALL?

See the salutation, and study the Epistle. It is written to all Mikvah’d (Baptized) BELIEVERS. All believers who have been “Baptized in the Holy Spirit” with the evidence of Acts 2:4 are entitled to the GIFT of TONGUES.

In Acts 18:8, we read of MANY being baptized under Paul’s ministry in Corinth. Now, if Paul means what he says in 1 Cor.1:14-16, then Acts 18:8 could only refer to Holy Spirit Baptism, as referred to in Acts 2:4; 10:44-46 and 19:6.

Because Paul used the gift of Tongues in abundant measure (1 Cor.14:18), you should seek to EXCELL in order to Edify the Congregation (1 Cor.14:12) as Paul declares that “Inasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual Gifts”, (1 Cor.14:12). This simply means to earnestly strive at building up the rest of the Congregation spiritually. No one can be lifted higher than you yourself, if you have not been lifted up yourself in the Spirit, (2 Tim.2:6).

Someone says; “What about 1 Cor.12:11, which state that the Holy Spirit divides the gifts to every man SEVERALLY as He wills”? We will deal with this under a separate heading a little later on. Suffice it to say for now that it is made very plain in the Scriptures that the desire of YAHWEH’s great heart of love for us, is that we should ALL SPEAK WITH TONGUES, (1 Cor.14:2). Let us not forget that the speaking in tongues are one of the SIGNS that shall FOLLOW BELIEVERS, (Mark 16:17).



It is not an understanding of that which has been spoken in another tongue, or language. (1 Cor.14:2, 4, 13, 14, 19, 27). Every one of these references makes it plain that the tongues spoken are UNKNOWN. 1 Cor.13:1 refers to them as tongues of men and of angels which simply mean that the tongues spoken are unknown to any persons present and that those who could understand are not necessarily present. If the Interpretation of Tongues were the understanding of tongues, the tongues spoken would not be unknown. It is NOT a Translation.

Again, it is NOT a Translation. Please study this statement very carefully. Many people go over the deep end here on this point. To INTERPRET is to give, (usually orally), the SUM and SUBSTANCE of what has been spoken in another language. This is clearly understood in the world. A Translation is a word for word rendition, usually in writing, of the same.


The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues is the giving forth in the language of the people listening (which is also the language of the speaker), the gist or essence of what has just gone forth in another Tongue; whether that message in tongues came from their lips or those of another in the congregation. A proper understanding of this truth will prevent a great deal of confusion. So one saint says,” I am sure Mrs. So-and-so did not have the right interpretation of that message. I had it myself and it was different.” Quite so: decidedly different and rightfully different. Each person would give the gist of it. The words used would differ somewhat, but the meaning, the sum and substance would be the same.

However, there are those who do disservice to the gift. They claim that they always have the interpretation, or else that they have all the interpretation, whether they speak it forth or not. These are rank falsehoods. The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues is an INSPIRATION Gift. You speak as you are moved or INSPIRED by the RUACH Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). It is not a Revelation Gift. It is INSPIRED utterance. Speaking thusly, you do not know what word you will next utter. It is given AS the Ruach INSPIRES you.

It is entirely supernatural in its operation, (1 Cor.12:11). Those who have the Gift of Tongues are UNDER OBLIGATION to PRAY for the interpretation (not the gift) when they have brought forth a message in Tongues in public, (1 Cor.14:13, 27-28).

This simply means that if you have not the gift (and you should have), and after bringing a message in tongues twice, or at the most three times, and there has been no interpretation given; that you are to keep quiet and speak to yourself and to YAHWEH. Please note that this is a COMMAND of YAHWEH, (1 Cor.14:37). With this gift in operation, the gift of Tongues equals the gift of Prophecy, (1 Cor.14:5), when it is done for the EDIFICATION of the congregation as the Holy Spirit intends for it to be.

It is for ALL who have the Gift of Tongues,” I would that you ALL spake with tongues,” (1 Cor.14:5), “Forbid NOT to speak”, (1 Cor.14:39(. If not interpreted, YAHWEH FORBIDS, (1 Cor.14:28). There is no use praying for the interpretation unless you have the Gift. You are told to pray for the interpretation, (1 Cor.14:13). YAHWEH is consistent and requires good order. Interpretation of Tongues must be intended to be received by ALL who have the Gift of Tongues; otherwise YAHWEH would be contradicting Himself and breaking His own Word, which, of course, is impossible.


What it is NOT:

It is not preaching. Preaching is the ART of publicly discoursing on the Scriptures. It definitely is not soothsaying or fortune telling which are condemned by Scripture. Such things as Tarot cards, Astrology, Ouija boards, Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce mumbo-jumbo and crystal balls, which have nothing to do with Prophecy and everything to do with Satanic practices such as Witchcraft and the Occult. It is not bawling out the saints, even though this might mistakenly be done in the name of the Holy One of Israel. It is not the handing out of personal leadings or “prophecy” as though the one possessing the gift were a MEDIATOR, which is also witchcraft if misused for drawing attention to oneself. One such misuse of Prophecy in churches is shown in people who seem to present themselves as having a personal pipeline to God and who run around laying hands upon other believers and giving out with “personal prophecies” directed toward the victim of the moment. The usual preface is, “God told me to tell you” this and that about how you are to behave or conduct your life and relationships. This is the words of soothsaying/fortune telling and is forbidden by scripture. It produces a controlling spirit, which can devastate the life of the gullible spiritually illiterate person, producing confusion as to what YHWH really wants that recipient to do. However, the personal prophecy given to Paul in Acts 21: 11 by Agav were not good news, but were a heads up that suffering and death were coming in Paul’s future. When Sha’ul received the TRUE prophecy from Agav; even though he accepted it as truth, he chose to do according to his direct command from Yeshua instead of saving himself from suffering. In acts 11:27-28, Agav also prophesied that there was going to be a famine so that the saints would provide help for those brothers impacted by the famine to come. This shows that one must have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in order to exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit given to you. This is the ROOT POWER [Dunamis] gift that is given to you in order that you may respond, execute and ACT for the LORD! In Acts 9: 16; Yeshua told Chananyah in Damascus that, “I am going to show him what great things he must suffer for my Name’s sake”. Chananyah was sent by Yeshua as a prophet with healing power, to Paul and was to give him this true personal prophecy. Immediately, Paul was healed and immersed in the Holy Spirit! Contrast this with the response of the prophet who was sent by YHWH to speak against the alter set up by Yarov’am in First Kings 13. That prophet had a direct order from YHWH NOT to stop in his journey even to eat and drink; but when another prophet along the way gave him another conflicting prophecy that was not in agreement with Yahweh’s instruction, he acquiesced, and lost his life as a result.

What it IS.

The Gift of PROPHECY in the New Covenant, is the Yahweh given ability to give forth, in the language of the hearers and giver, a message directly from the heart of YAHWEH, unto edification, exhortation and comfort, (1 Cor.14:13).

Christianity divides prophesy into two parts, which are American, theological concepts. They are “Foretelling” in the Tanakh and “Forthtelling” in the B’rit Chadashah. These make little sense in the light of YHWH’s word as he usually does not conform to the theologies of men, nor does His Word bear these Takanot and Ma’asim out. Revisit the preamble if you missed the meaning of these words.

Please remember that, in this gift, as well as with the former gifts of utterance, that the stated Gift is the Yahweh given ability to PERFORM the ACT. The ACT itself is different. It is the giving forth in the language of those present, a message right from the heart of YAHWEH, which you receive by INSPIRATION as you are giving it forth. Prophetic utterances are received by Inspiration, not by Revelation and are not pre-meditated by meanderings of your own mind. Thereby leads the road to Fanaticism. Prophecy is also a Worship Gift of Utterance in the New Covenants manifestational gift context. It is not an avenue whereby you can claim for yourself or others the things that you wish that you or they possessed, nor is it an outlet for the secret plans and ambitions of your heart.

True Prophecy ALWAYS runs parallel to the Scriptures. True Prophecy is always UNTO Edification, Exhortation and Comfort, (1 Cor.14:3).

What is Edification? To Edify is to BUILD UP, to strengthen and to Instruct.

What is Exhortation? To Exhort is to incite to a more worthy cause, to caution and to admonish.

What is Comfort? To comfort is to console, to strengthen and to inspire. It also signifies a state of quiet enjoyment, of consolation and of encouragement. It is anything that incites to a more worthy cause; by which we are admonished or cautioned is UNTO exhortation; that which brings us into a state of “Shalom” peace. The peace/shalom offering performed in the Holy temple in Jerusalem in accordance with YHWH’s Torah instructions is a rehearsal and shadow picture of this good thing to come. The two are mutually inclusive as YHWH intended.

All true Prophecy is thus earmarked, even that which deals with a believer who is guilty of disobedience. There is always evidenced, not only the conduct for which such a one is reproved, and that gently in most cases; but with it, there will always be coupled Promises of GOOD (comfort) if they will but yield or repent of the error that the prophecy is intended to expose.

There are Prophecies, however, which have nothing to do with reproof of any kind and these are easily discerned as TRUE PROPHETIC UTTERANCE. We list a few of these from the Brit Chadashah [NT] as examples for purposes of illustration. You will notice the three characteristics of True Prophecy in all of them.

Elizabeth, (Luke 1:41-45).

Mary, (Luke 1:46-55).

Zechariahs, (Luke 1:67-79).

Simeon, (Luke 2:25-35).

Yeshua, (Luke 4:16-30).

PROPHECY is to be preferred above all other gifts, (1 Cor.14:1) because it serves to EDIFY the Body of Believers,” The Holy One would that we ALL prophesied”, (1 Cor.14:4-5). We are to COVET to Prophesy, (1 Cor.14:39). We all may prophesy in an orderly manner, (1 Cor.14:31). It serves to CONVICT the unsaved and the UNLEARNED, (1 Cor.14:24-25).

The UNLEARNED are those who, being supposedly born again, have not yet learned to walk in a Holy manner in this present world, (1 Cor.14:24-25; 2 Peter 3:16-17). Their sins and deeds are made manifest even though they twist scripture to try and hide their sin.

PROPHECY, above all other gifts, is abused and misunderstood by many present-day Christian leaders. Many rise up in high dudgeon with satirical remarks, such as that, in our New Testament; prophecy is not given in the FIRST PERSON. I would ask ALL such PERVERTERS of the Truth to read the following portions: Acts 2:14-39 (note v.17), and all the references to “MY Spirit”, and the “My Handmaiden”. Of course, some will say that Peter was only quoting Joel’s prophecy, as if that disproves Scripture. Of course, John Nelson Darby’s 1830ish Dispensational Theologians will dodge behind their “Wall of Separation” and “dispense” with all of Scripture that does not agree with their particular divisive worldview while winding up with a Bible that looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, as Marcion’s was (“The Marcionite lawlessness Heresy”).

Be that as it may, how, and by what means was this unlearned fisherman, Peter, so aptly quoting the words of a prophet long since dead and gone??? Was it not by Prophecy? Was he NOT inspired to utter this word as was Jude inspired to utter what Enoch had prophesied 4,000 years before? (Jude 14-15; Acts 10:19). “The Ruach said to him etc., for I have sent them”. This was after the vision was over, see v. 16-17. Pray, how does the Spirit of Yahweh speak in “New Testament” days?

In Acts 13:2, The Holy Spirit said,” separate unto ME Barnabas [Bar-Naba] called Joseph of Cyprus and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them”. I wonder HOW He spoke here. Read Acts 13:47. For so hath YAHWEH commanded us, saying, “I have set thee to be a light of the gentiles, that thou etc.” Here again He is speaking in the FIRST PERSON. Acts 21:11, Agabus prophecy, “Thus saith the Holy Spirit”. We know how the lips of Agabus in the FIRST PERSON uttered this. However, there are always those who are willfully blind. Let these that will be ignorant remain so, (1 Cor.14:38). Let us not to forget that we are NOT to be ignorant. This reminder is throughout this essay.

Prophecy covers a far greater area than is recognized by most Ministers. This is thought of as perambulations, etc., which constitutes prophecy. Not so. Always remember that prophecy comes by INSPIRATION. It is INSPIRED utterance.

Prophecy played a very important part in the lives and ministries of the first set apart Apostles, believers and workers of the early congregations. For example, study the life and work of Paul. His first Healing and his receiving of the Mikvah (Baptism) were implemented by the use of this gift or tongues with interpretation (Acts 9:10-19). Study his ministry in connection with Timothy, his own son in the faith. In 1 Tim. 4:1-6, Paul deals with the subject of seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, etc., and in v. 14, he admonishes him not to neglect a certain gift which, he declares, was given to him by PROPHECY with the laying on of hands by the elders. In 2 Tim.1, Paul speaks at length on the matter of Faith and in the 6th verse, exhorts the young preacher to STIR UP another gift, which Paul states is IN HIM (Timothy) by the LAYING ON of Paul’s hands. No mention is made of Prophecy here, but the inference is clear. If there was no Prophetic utterance, how could Paul or anyone else know what gift, if any, was in Timothy? In 1 Tim.1, Paul deals with Timothy’s responsibilities in Ephesus as the one appointed by him. And in verse 18, Paul declares that he had committed this charge to Timothy according to certain PROPHECIES, which had gone forth over him, (Timothy) and states emphatically that it is by THEM that he is to WAR a good WARFARE. Prophecy, therefore, occupied a very large place in the ministry of Paul. However, it could be that our modern pulpiteers are smarter than Paul and do not need the supernatural phenomena of prophetic utterance in operation in their ministries and churches, or perhaps it could be that those same prophetic utterances might conflict a trifle with some of their personal plans and agendas. However, if Paul was humble enough to bow to prophecy, so shall I.

No one needs to be fooled by prophetic utterance; neither does one commit error unwittingly in this field. Balaam, when walking in disobedience to the REVEALED will of Almighty YAHWEH still had to admit, “I cannot go beyond the commandment of the Lord, to do either good or bad of my own mind; but what the Lord saith, that will I speak.” (Nu.24:13). Anyone who prophecies with the dictates of their own mind and heart do so deliberately and are perfectly aware of what they are doing. Anyone who is beguiled by such so-called prophetic utterances is likewise willfully beguiled or else TAKEN UNAWARE IN IGNORANCE. Again, YAHWEH does NOT want us ignorant of these things, (1 Cor.12:1).

Many, of course, because of the above mentioned incident in the life of Paul, take it upon themselves to wander about laying hands upon all and sundry, telling them what they are and sometimes what they are not. This is just a bit of deep endism and fortune telling. Further, in praying for the sick, we are often detained by the Ruach to utter a word of prophecy or tongues and interpretation (which equals prophecy). Then, there is the time of the laying on of hands for Ordination into the Ministry. At a time like that, Prophecy is definitely in YAHWEH’s order, and I firmly believe that this is what occurred in Timothy’s case. Nevertheless, I have found that it pays to obey YAHWEH, and when He detains one and gives them a word to utter; speak it forth as the Ruach Ha Kodesh provides the INSPIRATION.

The beautiful Gift of Prophecy was never intended to be used as the gypsy fortune-tellers use divination. YAHWEH FORBIDS. Let the Gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) be used for the things pertaining to the KINGDOM of YAHWEH.

Before we go any further in the study of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, it becomes necessary to deviate for a moment and study that much contended statement of fact found in 1 Cor.12:11b, “Severally as He will.”

The word SEVERALLY means in groups of more than two, but not many more.

The phrase “AS HE WILL” means exactly what it says.

YAHWEH, therefore, distributes AS HE WILL or AS HIS DESIRE IS, His Gifts among His own people.

He distributes them SEVERALLY, in groups of more than two but not many more. It is very interesting to note that in this connection, the gifts divide AUTOMATICALLY into THREE groups of THREE in each group. Note, MORE than TWO but NOT MANY MORE. The intent is obvious.

We have shown you by the Scriptural WORD that, not only is this so, but that the first group of three, the UTTERANCE or WORSHIP Gifts which are Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy, are for ALL Mikvah’d (Baptized) BELIEVERS. This, therefore, constitutes the AS HE WILL: concerning His disposition of these gifts unto His own people. This same statement is also applicable to the other six gifts in this study.

THE GIFT OF FAITH, (1 Cor.12:9a).


It is not SAVING FAITH. This is referred to in Eph.2:8. This is the Faith of Eph.3:8 which is FAITH TOWARD YAHWEH, (Heb.6:1). This is the FAITH of MESSIAH whereby we are made righteous, (Phi.3:9). This is the FAITH whereby we are justified, (Gal.3:8; Ro.5:1). This is what Paul desired the Philippian jailer to exercise, (Acts 16:31).


The Gift of Faith, (a Gift of the Ruach Ha Kodesh), is defined as that YAHWEH given ability to believe for the impossible to come to pass, and to impart Faith to others. FIRST, it is to believe for the impossible to come to pass; to believe in the unseen.

Yeshua exercised this gift many times in His ministry. One very outstanding example of the operation of this gift in His ministry was when He cursed the fig tree, commanding that no man was to eat fruit of it hereafter forever, (Mark 11:12-14). The next morning, as they passed the same tree, the Disciples were surprised to see the tree DRIED UP FROM THE ROOTS, v.20. Peter, calling to remembrance what had transpired the day before, spoke to Messiah about it and Yeshua ANSWERING said unto them, “HAVE FAITH IN YAHWEH.” Then He proceeded to declare unto them that, IF THEY DID NOT DOUBT in their HEART, but would BELIEVE that WHAT THEY SAID would COME TO PASS, v.23.

That the Faith here referred to, and the Gift of Faith of 1 Cor.12:9a are the one and the same is made evident by 1 Cor.13:2.

Again, in Mark 9, we read of a man who brought his possessed boy to Yeshua. The boy was in bad shape with a foul spirit, an unclean spirit and a deaf and dumb spirit within him. The man came with these words,” if thou canst do anything”. Yeshua’s answer was pure dynamite in v.23, “If thou canst believe, ALL things are possible TO HIM that BELIEVETH.” This is the Faith referred to so eloquently in Hebrews 11, especially verses 32-35. Acts 11:22-24 implies that Barnabas had this gift. In 2 Tim.1:6, we read of a gift given to Timothy by the laying on of Paul’s hands. If you read the context carefully, I believe that you will agree that this was more than likely the gift of Faith. Acts 3:6 shows the Gift of Faith in operation in Peter. He states, “Such as I have…. IN the Name of Yeshua…. RISE up and WALK, which is a command spoken in faith – in the NAME of Yeshua. Compare this to the fig tree of Mark 11:14 and His statement to the father of the possessed boy in Mark9:23. Note carefully as to the RESULTS of the faith filled spoken words in all of these three portions of Scripture.

James 5:14-15 deals with the Elders praying for the sick, anointing with oil, etc. The outstanding statement here, usually unmentioned, is that the prayer of FAITH will save the sick. Note carefully the phraseology employed by the Holy Spirit in this portion of His Word, “The prayer of FAITH SHALL save the sick and the Lord SHALL raise him up.” Notice what saves the sick and who raises them up. Also note the positive aspect of such prayer,” SHALL raise them up.” The word “SHALL” here is a scriptural legal term, which is used as an imperative word in all legal documents such as contracts, wills, etc.

The Gift of Faith, however, has to do with a great deal more than praying for the sick. For instance, Holy Anna with her buckets of water from a dry well, Moses crossing the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds) while dry shod, Elijah calling down Fire from Heaven and Joshua extending the length of the day. I know that these are Miracles, and that all Miracles are Miracles, but the Gift of FAITH has a lot to do with their being brought into being. The fig tree withering was a miracle, (anything contrary to the laws of nature, remember). The healing of Acts 3, that is, the lame man at the gate Beautiful, was a miracle, (Acts 4:22); but the Gift of Faith had a lot to do with the inevitable coming to pass of these things.

The best way to get other folks to FEEL is to FEEL yourself, that is, to have FEELINGS yourself. If you are unmoved emotionally by what you are doing in YAHWEH’s name, you cannot expect to move on the emotions of your hearers. This same principle applies to FAITH. If you have this Faith in you, it will move on the hearts of those to whom you minister, so that, in this sense, you TRANSFER HOLY FAITH UNTO THEM. What you possess, you bestow. The reverse is also true. Just as simulated feeling produces nothing but nausea; so simulated Faith also produces NIL. The only way to GIVE AWAY [pass on the gift of] FAITH to others is to POSSESS the same, and then STIR IT UP within you. This is what Paul exhorted Timothy to do with his gift of Faith in 2 Tim 1:6. This is what Yeshua was talking about to His Disciples in Mark 9, and what Peter did with his gift of Faith as recorded in Acts 3. Remember; freely give what you have freely received.

GIFT OF HEALING, (1 Cor.12:9c; Ro.10:17).

It is possibly referred to in the plural because, like Salvation, every Healing is a GIFT from YAHWEH. The gift of Healing embraces more than the thought of receiving healing. It is the Yahweh given ability to PRAY FOR HEALING TO OTHERS, IN YESHUA’S NAME.

The Priests and Prophets of the Tanakh prayed for the sick, (Ge.20:17). Abraham prayed for Avimelech and his household and they were healed. Other references are: Eli and Hanna’s barrenness, (1 Sam.1); a withered hand restored, (1 Ki.13:6); the healing of Naaman from his leprosy, (2 Ki.5) and the healing of Hezekiah, (Is.38:1-8). There are many other similar examples in the Tanakh.

In the Renewed Covenant, throughout His earthly ministry, Yeshua’s manifesting of Himself was largely attested to by HEALING’S. There are too many to list here but even a cursory reading of the Gospels will show the magnitude of healings done by Him.

Yeshua also gave His Disciples power and authority to heal the sick in HIS NAME (Acts 2:43). Many signs and wonders were done with the hands of the Apostles. The ministry of the Apostles abounded with instances of this gift in operation,(Acts 3:1-8;4:30;5:12,15-16;8:5-8;9:17-18,32-35;14:8-10;20:7-12;28:7-10 and Heb.2:4).

To properly understand what is meant by the term, HEAL THE SICK, (Matt.10:8), one must have a proper conception of what HEALING means.

The term “HEAL” signifies: To RESTORE TO HEALTH in all respects of Spirit, Soul and Body. This implies that the one receiving help must first have had health and that they have been ROBBED of the same. It also implies PROGRESSION as in RECOVER, (Mark 16:17), as in “they shall recover”. Yeshua HEALED all who came to Him, (Luke 4:40), and we have our commission to do likewise, (Mark 16:18; Luke 9:2).

The term, TO CURE, (which includes HEAL as above), goes a step further and includes “TO SET FREE FROM”, that is, to REMOVE the CAUSE and to SET AT LIBERTY, (Luke 4:18). We are commissioned to DO this, (Mark 16:17).

EVERY Anointed Rabbi and Believer may say, (if he only knew it), with Yeshua, that “He hath anointed me to SET AT LIBERTY them that are BOUND”. Yeshua, is speaking of His ministry of Healing, and coupling it with the casting out of devils, said,” I do cures” (Luke 13:32).

The phrase, “To make SOUND”, with the emphasis on the word MAKE indicates YOUR part in the battle. Peter said,” such as I HAVE, GIVE I unto you”, (ACTS 3:6). When he later spoke to the people regarding this healing, he spoke of the man receiving PERFECT SOUNDNESS, (Acts 3:16). Again, when defending himself before the Sanhedrin, he declared the man whole, (Acts 4:10).

The phrase, “TO RECONCILE”, means to bring back TOGETHER that which has been REMOVED APART, or to MAKE at PERFECT ONENESS.

How helpless we are therefore, without Yeshua the Messiah, (Jesus Christ). Healing is a BIG job. It is the WILL of YAHWEH for His people that they should be healed of ALL their sicknesses, (Ex.15:26; Ps.103:3 and 3 Jo.2). To do this work; to meet this tremendous need, YAHWEH hath set in the Congregations, (The body of Messiah), gifts of Healings, (1 Cor.12:28).

When we say that a gift of healing is the Yahweh given ability to PRAY HEALING in His name, please remember that this is only according to the effectual working of His mighty power IN US, (Eph.1:19-20; 3:7). HEALING, in order for the body of a believer to GET WELL, is perfectly NATURAL. It is NOT NATURAL for the body of a believer to be ill. Medical men, through skill and learning, seek to (and often succeed in so doing) remove the cause of the malady so that the body may recover. Once the CAUSE of the AFFLICTION is REMOVED, the body NATURALLY RECOVERS. The difference between HEALING by the aid of Medical men and HEALING by the help of YAHWEH’s ministries is that the CAUSE of the sickness, (when the sick are prayed for), is REMOVED by the POWER OF YAHWEH. The physical body then RECOVERS.

Healing is PROGRESSIVE. The very term signifies that, “To amend is to get BETTER”. DIVINE Healing such as “They shall RECOVER” (Mark 16:18) is progressive in nature. There are, however, INSTANTANEOUS Healings. These are CONTRARY to all natural laws; therefore, they are not cases of HEALINGS, but MIRACLES of HEALING, (Acts 4:22). However, we shall study this under the topic of the Gift of Miracles. To HEAL the sick calls into play (if present) many Gifts of the Ruach (Spirit), which are often given without the knowledge of the one through whom they operate. There are, for instance, many different causes of sicknesses. Some are spirits of hell for which the Gift of Discerning of spirits is needed. Some cases require the uncovering of diagnosis through using the Gift of Knowledge. Perhaps FAITH is at a very low ebb, so the Gift of FAITH needs to be EXERCISED. However, one of the Signs that shall follow believers is that they SHALL lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover, (Mark 16:18). One unscriptural, major error that is prevalent today is that one RECEIVES a gift of healing in their HAND, that is, to IMPART healing to others. There is no trace of this in Scripture. Only Yeshua IMPARTS anything into us. There is no gift of IMPARTATION in scripture. Those who claim such a “gift” are committing heresy. If we look for feelings in our hands, we may wait a long time for our healing. Another error is that only those who have RECEIVED the same should lay hands on the sick. RUBBISH! The obligation of Praying for the sick and the laying on of hands is for ALL BELIEVERS, (Mark 16:17a and 18c). When the Elders are called, the emphasis is not laid on any gift of healing, either in the hand or out of it. The emphasis here is on FAITH and the sick RECEIVE their healing, (James 5:14-15). The laying on of hands is not even mentioned in this context. There is a lot of fanaticism and witchcraft to be overcome here. Brother So-and-so receives a WITNESS in his hand to the fact that a DISEASE is present in the body for which he is praying. When the disease leaves, the WITNESS in his hand also leaves. I receive the same WITNESS in my body and so do many others. These witnesses differ. He SEES it in his hand and I FEEL the pains in my body. Some people go fanatical over such phenomena, not understanding the OPERATION of the gift. They claim that our brother So-and-So has HEALING in his hand and immediately claim HEALING in their hand. It is so foolish. Let us stick to the Word of YAHWEH. One thing that we can absolutely guarantee is that if you have RECEIVED a Gift of Healing, that is, the Yahweh given ability to PRAY for HEALING to others, you will KNOW IT, and so will everyone else, (Proverbs 18:16).


(1 Cor.12:10a).The Gift of the working of MIRACLES is, as the name implies, the Yahweh given ability to perform miracles. It is nothing more and nothing less.

What is a MIRACLE?

It is a Supernatural occurrence or ACT or, that which is contrary to the LAWS of NATURE. To perform a MIRACLE is to bring to pass something or some act, which is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to ALL of the LAWS of NATURE.

This gift is seen in operation in the Gift of Healing of the sick in Acts 3:1-8. The man was instantaneously made every whit whole. The body DID NOT begin to amend. The man had NEVER walked in his life, (v. 2). In Acts 4:16 and again in 4:22, this is referred to by the Holy Spirit as a MIRACLE of HEALING. In Acts 14: 8-10, another MIRACLE of HEALING is presented for us. Neither of these men is referred to as having a disease or becoming ill. Both cases are congenital in nature, that is, they were born as cripples. They received PERFECT soundness INSTANTANEOUSLY. In the realm of MIRACLES we find that, whether it has to do with HEALING or not, that MIRACLES are acts performed which are CONTRARY to natural laws. In the realm of Healing, we said that healing was natural, that is, according to natural laws. It is against all the natural laws for a body to heal INSTANTLY. Whether born crippled or whether becoming so from injury or disease; it is against all natural laws for the body to become “every whit whole” instantly. This is what happened in those two cases and many more in Bible days and so on through the ages, including today.

MIRACLES enter into many other fields besides healing. Consider the RAISING of the DEAD. This is absolutely CONTRARY to the laws of nature, in spite of many popular politically correct TV shows generically showing sensational, unprovable parodies of so called miracles of “life after death” experiences; all of which fail to meet the simplest Biblical tests including at the false revivals such as the one held recently in Lakeland, Florida by a false evangelist, Todd Bentley. Even when he was exposed as a tattooed, post pierced, booze drinking adulterer and liar; most Christian leaders gushed, “tut-tut” and gave him a pass with many syrupy words and platitudes. WHY? Money perhaps?

In the ministry of the Tanakh prophets, Elijah restores life to a dead boy, (1 Ki.17:20-24), and Elisha does the same in 2 Kings 4:32-37. Notice the phenomena attached to these MIRACLES. Include the texts of 1 Kings 13:6 and 2 Kings 5.

YESHUA raised Lazarus from the dead in John 11 after he had been dead for 4 days. In Luke 7:11-16, Yeshua raises the widow’s son from the dead. Notice that Yeshua merely speaking in His own authority accomplished these two miracles.

In another instance, Yeshua uses His own Tallit (Prayer shawl of a Rabbi or teacher) to raise a young girl from the dead, (Matt.9:23-26; Mark 5:35-43; Luke 8:49-56). He states “Talith’a Cumi”, which is correctly interpreted (after He laid His Tallit over her as a “covering” because a kosher Rabbi would become unclean by touching a dead body directly), as saying, “you who are UNDER MY TALLIT, ARISE! This instance occurred immediately after the woman with an issue of blood touched the Tzitzit (the fringes on His prayer shawl as commanded in Numbers 15:37-41) on the corners of His Tallit and was INSTANTLY HEALED, another MIRACLE, (Matt.9:20-22; Luke 9:43-48; Mark 5:25-34).

In the ministries of the Apostles, Peter brings back the life of Dorcas in Acts 9:36-42. Paul, in Acts 20:7-12, restores to life a young man who fell out of a window and broke his neck.

The ministry of MIRACLES is used in other applications in the Tanakh also. Exodus 4:1-8; chs, 7,8,9,10,12 and 14 abound with the records of supernatural phenomena wrought by Moses in Egypt to set the captives free. In Joshua chapter 3, the crossing of the Jordan River is accomplished by a MIRACLE. In 1 Kings 13: 1-5, The Alter of Jeroboam SPLIT and the ashes POURED OUT at a word from the Prophet who CRIED OUT UNTO said Alter. In 1 Kings 17:8-16, the barrel of meal and the cruse of oil that remained is a MIRACLE. Compare 1 Kings 17:1 with 1 Kings 18:1 and James 5:17-18.

In Joshua 10:12-14, Joshua commands the sun to stand still for a whole day and it does so. The day is restored and time is rebalanced at Hezekiah’s healing. See Is. 38. Other Miracles are seen in 2 Kings 1 in regard to fire from Heaven and 2 Kings 2 regarding the parting of the waters of the River Jordan by both Elijah and Elisha and of the healing of the waters. The Miracle of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was accomplished because YHWH heard, “The OUTCRY of Sodom has come up before me” [CRIED OUT IN MY FACE]. Will the OUTCRY of the SIN of America come up IN HIS FACE and cause a similar miracle of a burning fate for this sin filled nation? Perilous times are here now!


  1. The changing of the water into wine at the hand of Yeshua, (John 2:1-11).
  2. The feeding of the 5,000 people with 5 barley loaves and 2 fishes, (John 6:1-14).
  3. Yeshua WALKS on the sea, and as soon as He gets into the boat, it was IMMEDIATELY at the land, (John 6:16-21).
  4. The second feeding of a multitude of 4,000 men with 7 loaves and a few little fishes, (15:32-38).
  5. Yeshua calms the Sea of Galilee and the wind, (Mark 4:36-41).
  6. Blindness is brought upon Elymas, the Sorcerer, (Acts 13:6-12).
  7. Paul delivers a girl possessed with a spirit of divination, (Acts 16:16-18). Note that, in this regard, Yeshua called the casting out of devils a MIRACLE. This does not mean that the casting out of devils is the GIFT of Miracles as some erroneously teach. It is a Miracle, however, and requires the operation of the GIFT in order to PERFORM.
  8. Special Miracles are performed by Rabbi Paul using “handkerchiefs” (Tallits) and “Aprons” (also Tallits), (Acts 19:11-12).
  9. Paul shakes off a venomous serpent and LIVED unharmed, thereby showing one of the “signs” that are to follow believers in Mark 16:17-18, (Acts 28:1-6).
  10. Hebrews 11 shows many more of the startling records in Scripture of instances when, via the use of this mighty Gift of Miracles, NATURAL LAWS were defied in the Name of the Living Yahweh by submitted men in the Tanakh who believed.

In conclusion, we draw your attention to some of the erroneous teaching in regard to the Gift of Miracles. Yeshua said that the casting out of a devil was a Miracle in Mark 9:38-40. Many, because of this, call the casting out of devils, the GIFT of MIRACLES. This is a gross error resulting from ignorance. Another error taught today is that ALL the Gifts are wrapped up in one, which is the Gift of Miracles. This does not make good sense, even from the point of view of the grammatical construction of the word. All of YAHWEH’s WORKS are miraculous works, the greatest being the New Birth. Nevertheless, neither it nor any of the other works in the Word referred to are the GIFT of MIRACLES as we have defined above in this study as one of the nine MANIFESTATIONAL GIFTS of the HOLY SPIRIT.


What it is NOT:

It is not human knowledge sanctified [Gnostic/ Kabbalah].

It is not an increased capacity to acquire understanding through one of the ways in which any of the gifts in operation within us may benefit or profit us, (1 Cor.12:7), as in the effect that they have in enlightening the mind.

What it IS.

It is the Yahweh given ability to RECEIVE FROM YAHWEH BY REVELATION the facts concerning something (anything) about which it is humanly impossible for you to know anything at all.

We see this gift in operation in the life and ministry of:

  1. Joseph when he interpreted the dreams of the Butler and the Baker, (40:13, 18-19).
  2. Joseph when he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh, (41:25-32).
  3. Daniel in TELLING the King what he had dreamt and the INTERPRETATION of it, (2:26-45).
  4. Daniel INTERPRETING another dream for the King, (4:20-26).
  5. Daniel INTERPRETS the handwriting on the wall, (Dan.5:25-28).
  6. Samuel states the kind of King that Saul will be, (1 Sam.8:11-18).
  7. Samuel’s word of knowledge statements regarding Saul’s coming to the city and the various details connected to the same, (1 Sam.9:15-24). Study this portion carefully.
  8. Samuel regarding Saul’s coming experiences, (1 Sam.10).
  9. Elisha regarding Gehazi’s covetousness, (1 Ki.5:26). Many so-called Bible teachers refer to this as Discerning of Spirits, which is gross error.
  10. Elisha revealed the secrets of the King of Syria unto the King of Israel, (2 Ki.6:8-12).
  11. Elisha knowing in ADVANCE of the King’s intention to slay him, (2 Ki.6:31-33).
  12. Yeshua’s many expressions of this Gift; some of which are enumerated here.
    1. John 11: regarding the death of Lazarus. Study very carefully the application of this gift.
    2. John 4:17-18, regarding the husband’s of the woman at the well.
    3. John 13:38, regarding Peter’s coming denial.
    4. John 13:1, regarding the fact that His hour was at hand.
    5. Luke 19:30-31, regarding the Asses colt, etc.
    6. 12:25, He knew their THOUGHTS regarding the casting out of devils.
    7. John 2:24, He knew all men.
    8. John 2:25, He knew what was IN man.
    9. John 5:6, He knew that the man at the pool of Bethesda had been a long time in this case.
    10. John 6:61, He knew that His disciples murmured among themselves.
    11. John 16:19, He knew that His disciples were desirous to ask Him the meaning of His statement regarding,” A little while I am with you, etc.”
    12. Luke 6:8, He knew their thoughts regarding the healing of the withered hand.
    13. Luke 5:22, He perceived their thoughts regarding the man healed of the palsy.

Please remember that Yeshua never used anything that you, as his child who believes in him, cannot have and use. There are many other instances in the Scriptures of this Gift being used.

In Acts 5:1-11 how did Peter KNOW the FACTS concerning the land deal Ananias and Sapphira had put through? How did he know that they had agreed together to lie? How did he know that she would fall down dead? When the REVELATION is RECEIVED, it must be ACTED UPON. All facts that are received are not just for Prophetic utterance. This is a common error in today’s teaching. However, the facts having been revealed, there is a need for action. This takes various forms that are in accordance with the WILL of YAHWEH, (Eph.1:11; 1 Cor.12:11).

Quite often, this brings other gifts into play, just as this Gift is often brought into play while PRAYING for the sick. It is not uncommon among us for Yahweh to reveal, when praying for the sick, the nature of the case; how long they have been in such condition; how this was first introduced into the body, (whether by sickness [physical, spiritual or both], accident, injury, operation, etc.). Sometimes, facts are revealed to us regarding the affairs of some ones life, perhaps some weakness over which they have no power, or something that they should make amends for. This, of course; if revealed, is revealed to those persons who are ministering, and not to the casual observer. These things will have been revealed for the EXPRESS purpose of assisting them to meet that individuals need, not for the purpose of exploiting them, but for their EDIFICATION or PROFIT, (1 Cor.12:7; 2 Sam.12:1-4).

Because of the very NATURE of this Gift and its operations in the body of Messiah, Ahava LOVE is especially required in the hearts and lives of those to whom YAHWEH has entrusted the Gift, (1 Cor.13:2). Perhaps it is for this reason that this Gift and the Gift of the WORD of WISDOM are so closely related to one another. Throughout Scripture, those who possessed the one generally possessed the other.

Before we take up the next Gift, your attention needs to be drawn to one statement made by many today, which is largely responsible for the gross ignorance so noticeable in our Christian circles. Someone says,” Well, that is what Mr. So-and-So thinks, but I don’t THINK so. I THINK it means this or that, etc.”

Brethren, PLEASE, remember that the Scriptures are not of PRIVATE interpretation. The SPIRIT REVEALS the things of the SPIRIT. What I THINK or what you THINK or what someone else THINKS has nothing to do with it. We must stick to Scripture, which states what YAHWEH SAYS. Nothing else counts and is a waste of our time.

The Doctrines and Traditions of men that conflict with Scripture must be cast out as evil.


This Gift is also a REVELATIONAL Gift.

What it is:

It is the Yahweh given ability to RECEIVE BY REVELATION from YAHWEH and then WHAT TO DO ABOUT the situation, once you know the facts concerning the same, whether the said facts were made known via the operation of the Word of Knowledge or not.

We see this Gift in operation in the ministries of:

  1. JOSEPH, (41:33-36), AFTER the facts had been revealed via a Word of Knowledge, he tells Pharaoh WHAT to do about the matter. Perhaps you do not THINK that this is the Word of Wisdom in operation. STUDY it carefully, after you have asked yourself what you would give for advice such as given via Joseph’s lips by the Ruach ha Kodesh.
  2. JETHRO, (18:17-23), in this passage, Moses receives wise instruction via the operation of this Gift in the heart of his father-in-law, Jethro. The facts here, however, were NOT REVEALED via the operation of the Gift of the Word of Knowledge. Read the context to see the difference.
  3. DANIEL, (4:27), via this Gift, Daniel shows the King what to do to avoid that sure judgment, which, via a Word of Knowledge, has been revealed as coming upon him. Incidentally, it was also revealed WHY such judgment should befall the King; this also by the Word of Knowledge. However, the King did not HEARKEN to Daniel’s advice and the judgment came upon him.
  4. JOSHUA, (34-9), here it is recorded that Joshua had this Gift of Wisdom. Recorded here also is HOW he RECEIVED the SAME in the laying on of hands by Moses. Numbers 27:18 tells us that he was a Spirit filled man first, which is very noteworthy.
  5. SOLOMON, (2 Chron.1:10), prays for this Gift. Verse 12 records the fact that he received BOTH these revelation Gifts. 1 Kings 3:16-28 is the first RECORDED instance of these gifts in operation in him.
  6. JAMES, (Acts 15:1-33), covers the entire gamut of the Messianic Congregations meeting of the first Council in Jerusalem. The Council was called to consider a very touchy question, that is, what to do about the Gentiles who had accepted Yeshua Messiah; what their conduct should be; what should be their attitude toward Torah, etc. Verses 13-21 shows us how, via the Word of Wisdom working in James, that the many sided question was handled properly and order was brought out of chaos. Verses 28-29 show us the reasoned result in response to the Gift and the fair edict directed toward the Gentile converts. Their requirements for inclusion in the Body were less than that required for Jewish believers because the Council did not want to lay undue burdens on them which were normal for Torah observant believers such as Paul and the other Apostles when they first came on board. This is NOT to be construed that they needed no further instruction. Growth means to learn more of Torah/ instruction as one enters into the Kingdom of Yahweh, not just to sit on ones 4 entrance requirements. The church lobby is not a good place to spend a lifetime, no matter how much milk is served up for you. One must enter the Holy place to receive the true meat of Torah.
  7. PAUL, (1 Cor.15:1-5). I truly believe that his decision here was given by the operation of the self same gift. The Gift of the Word of Wisdom was evident throughout Paul’s entire ministry in too many instances to list here. The ENTIRE CONTEXT of all his letters is self-evident as Ruach led wisdom, even though Peter said that some of it was difficult to understand (2 Peter 3:16).

There are two kinds of WISDOM in the spiritual world. These are both graphically described in James 3:13-18. Verse 13 draws the attention to a man who had received both the Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom; but bitter envyings, strife, etc. belong to the wisdom which is earthly, sensual, devilish, (v.14-15), backed up by v. 16 regarding confusion of which YAHWEH is NOT the AUTHOR of CONFUSION. Verse 17-18 contrasts with the fruits of the Gift that is from ABOVE. Verse 17 shows eight characteristics of the Gift of the Word of Wisdom from the Ruach Ha Kodesh. They are Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, easy to be entreated, full of Mercy, full of good Fruits, without Partiality and without Hypocrisy. It is very easy to see why this Gift would require the LOVE of YAHWEH as the motivating principle behind it in its operation in the believer. Otherwise, the wisdom, which is earthly, sensual and devilish, might find opportunity to insert itself, which has happened too often in modern, western Christianity, which leads to the destruction of many unlearned, gullible souls.

The “Slain in the spirit” doctrine as a “Charismatic experience” is false and is non-scriptural

Most all of the Charismatic people from a Pentecostal background and the theology of the Churches that teach the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, believe that being “slain in the spirit” is one of the New Testament “gifts” from God. This is erroneous and is pagan in origin.

This experience is one of the main tools used by the so called Apostles and false prophets of the current “New Wave”, “Emergent Church”, “Toronto and Brownsville Blessings” and “Pentecostal Dominionist” movements to create a type of pagan hype that is similar to Hindu and Islamic Dervish “anointings”.

1st Corinthians 14: 32-33 says:

32 Also, the prophets’ spirits are under the prophets’ control;

33 for Yahweh God is not a God of unruliness but of shalom. As in all the congregations of Yahweh God’s people.

Prophets can control themselves.

Is being “Slain in the spirit” Biblical or is it a “Kundalini” spirit?

What Charismatic’s enthusiasts say is, when the Spirit comes upon you it will overcome you with power, slaying you. Today this has become the common denominator of the Spirits presence with power and is sought after as proof of receiving the anointing. With such people as Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Richard Roberts, Todd Bentley and a host of others have developed it to be a trademark of their Pentecostal meetings. This is not to discount that the Holy Spirit can do unusual things, however before we put a stamp of approval on a practice to be normality instead of the unusual, we need to see if it is promoted as such in the Scriptures.

What do we find? We do not see any of this practiced or even hinted at in the Scripture. When the Holy Spirit came upon Yeshua at His baptism He came up out of the water; He didn’t collapse and sink down! The Lord Yeshua had power to heal even the worst cases of disease, blindness and crippled limbs, and yet no one who Yeshua ever touched to heal ever fell over backwards “slain.” Nor do we find Peter or John touching people and causing them to fall over. They did not ask other disciples to stand behind those they were going to lay hands on, to catch them as they toppled backward by the power. The New Testament has no people lining up waiting for the “anointing” to be passed on from another, not even the Apostles. Can you picture any of the Apostles running up to people and slapping them on the forehead, or lining people up to be slain? No soft music or repetitive choruses were sung to set an atmosphere for the anointing to fall. No one yelled repetitive phrases like, “Fire!” or “touch” or “More, Lord!” So where does this all come from?

Many fell backwards in Scripture, but it was not a blessing! In 1 Samuel 4:18: Eli fell off his seat backwards on hearing of the death of his sons and the capture of the Ark and he then died. Isaiah 28:13: the prophet speaks of YHWH God’s Word sent to refresh, but if not heard, it became a judgment “that they may go and stumble backward, and be broken.” In all these examples it is a judgment, not a blessing! In 1 Samuel 28:20, we read of Saul immediately collapsing “full length” on the ground upon hearing of his impending death from Samuel after consulting the witch of Endor. He then died soon after.

2 Chronicles 5, describes YHWH God’s glory filling the newly completed Temple. It says, “The priests could not continue ministering … for the glory of the Lord filled the house of YHWH God” (v.14). This cannot be made into a normative occurrence for today’s Church, as many have tried to do. This was a celebration because the Holy temple of YHWH was completed, the ark was brought in and Solomon had the priests assemble inside the most holy place. Inside, the glory manifested physically as cloud in a contained place, the rest of Israel was still standing outside. In 2 Chronicles 7:2 and I Kings 8:11 the priests could not enter the temple or perform the priestly duties of the LORD, YHWH, because the temple was filled with the glory of the Almighty YHWH.

In Ezekiel 1:28 and 2:1, the prophet is overwhelmed by the vision he saw and falls forward, and not backward, in worship. Those who are holy fall forward in conscious submission to YHWH God’s Holy presence. They do not become dazed and confused, as in some false spirit services today. Those who are enemies fall backward when confronted with YHWH God’s true power. Philippians 2 says every knee will bow. Those who are conscious of who they serve bow forward, willingly and fully conscious. Those who fall backward are overwhelmed, show a lack of submission, and display rebellion.

Daniel, in 10:4-11; encountered a powerful angel and said, “I had no strength left, my face turned deathly pale, and I was helpless… I fell into a deep sleep, my face to the ground.” Daniel fell on his face; he fell forward. This was not without purpose. Daniel, a prophet, was receiving revelation that would become Scripture. Since in the Tanakh [Old Testament] those who were affected in this manner were not born again, and not indwelt permanently by the Holy Spirit; this experience cannot be used as normative for the Church today. When John saw Yeshua glorified in heaven (Revelation 1:17) he describes that, ‘“I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last.” John was overcome with fear; he did not recognize Him, as the Yeshua He knew on earth.

In examples from either the Old Testament or the New, the men affected did not have a permanent indwelling of the Spirit. When the soldiers came to arrest Yeshua, in John 18:4-6 He reveals His power in a unique way. He identified himself to the soldiers who were arresting him and they “drew back and fell to the ground.” Yeshua first revealed Himself by saying His divine name, “I Am YHWH,” making it clear whom it is they came for. When He identified Himself to them, they fell to the ground in judgment. These pagan sinners did fall — backwards. They did not experience revelation or receive an anointing, or conversion; they got right back up and arrested Yeshua. There was no change in them; they were still enemies of Yeshua. Also, none of Yeshua’ followers fell down during the arrest. Certainly none of this represents a pattern for the Church. Those who practice the artful ritual of being “slain in the Spirit” today deny or ignore these Biblical facts in order to embrace an experience that is not endorsed in the whole New Testament.

This is even stated in the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements “There is no mention of the Spirit here (Jn.18: 1-6) and John portrays no relationship between Spirit and power and Yeshua. The text remains enigmatic, especially since John offers no explanation for, nor effect of, their fall backwards.”

Those who are in rebellion to YHWH God seem to always fall backward in Scripture. This just may be a sign today, not as a blessing, but to show that these people are not submitting to His Word; so it is a sign of judgment. The idea that YHWH God is doing a “new thing” is without any biblical precedent in this context. Their attempt to justify and defend this practice is by going to texts from the Old Testament, and yanking them out of their context and background. Trying to use the few incidents in Acts one cannot make them normative for the Church (believers) today. Verses are taken out of context; made into a numbered soundbite, and twisted to justify a paganized worldview based upon a biased, false doctrine.

Many travel to crusades to get this “anointing” from the “anointed” mediator who dispenses it. What is the purpose of someone being knocked to the floor and they are picked up and the whole procedure is repeated up to eight times or more. Was not the first time enough to receive an anointing? What is the purpose of this experience all about? Who is getting the attention at the time? We are not to be drawing attention to the vessel but to the Lord Yeshua, who is working through the instrument. Is the first anointing that he places on people not enough? Or is it for show? He sometimes has people falling together like a violent pile-up on a freeway. People are lifted off the ground resembling a martial arts movie. Nothing glorifies YHWH God with this behavior. Martial arts, Chi power, and the Hindu Gurus touch people (as in the occult), and can certainly knock them over. These are similarities that cannot be overlooked. Can someone say touch or wave their arms or point their fingers and release the anointing by having someone go down. When we see Tele-evangelists blow on people they go down, yet when Yeshua breathed on the disciples they did not. When Yeshua touched people they did not fall. YHWH God has not entrusted this type of power to any man today. The biblical model is whenever the Spirit fell they were not expecting him. The Spirit is called the comforter, the helper, and another one like Yeshua. When Yeshua left he said he would send us another like himself. His role was to replace the physical Yeshua by indwelling all believers and giving them a relationship with YHWH God. The question we need to ask is, did Yeshua act in this erratic way and have power displays? If not, then why should the Spirit act this way when he is to point to Yeshua. Is this the nature of Yeshua or something other than him operating? How is it the person who dispenses this power that can knock people down, can stand on his feet through it all? They can touch people, even the catchers, and they don’t go down during the service. How is the same person who just was felled by his touch can afterward be hugged and not go over. Who then is in control, if it only happens at the wave of his hand or when he says the words? Why does this generally only occur at the big crusades and where they meet for service and it does not take place during their ordinary days chores.

Charles Hodge, one of the great theologians had this to say about this experience, “There is nothing in the Bible to lead us to regard these bodily affections as the legitimate effects of religious feelings; no such results followed the preaching of Christ or his apostles. We hear of no general outcries, faintings, convulsions, or ravings in the assemblies, which they addressed… It is evident that loud outcries and convulsions are inconsistent with these things, and therefore ought to be discouraged. They cannot be from YHWH God, for he is not the author of confusion” (C. Hodge p.80 1851).

Many incentives prepare someone for this supposed spiritual experience. First there is the anticipation of this happening and the autosuggestion of going down. They accept the experience because they are already predisposed to the biased idea that one falls when the Spirit comes upon them, and already accept this experience as being from YHWH God. They are open mentally to this being from YHWH God. Therefore when someone touches them or points their way, they comply. Another thing to consider is the peer pressure to conform to what is going on and expected in the gathering. When someone comes up in a big crowd they are expected to go down. They might be embarrassed not to fall down when everyone else is falling, or they may be considered unspiritual, and others might think something is wrong with them. Falling down at the right time becomes a learned methodology. Many people have admitted later they went down so they would not disappoint the speaker. Others may go down in hope that this might bring an experience they never had before. Still others say they were overcome by a power [Hindu Kundalini].

We need to consider a possibility that if true, can be unspeakably dangerous for the participants, that is, the operation of demonic powers. Many who have studied occult phenomena in false religions find that “slain in the Spirit” is not a new phenomenon. This power is found in Hinduism. The wife of Shiva the destroyer is the goddess, Kali who is known also as Shakti, the force. When a devotee receives the touch from the Guru on the forehead they can be knocked to the ground, they can laugh, shake, jerk or experience being caught up in some ecstatic illumination experiencing Nirvana and light. There are many pagan religious practices, such as “Shakti-pat” by Hindu gurus, which when observed, looks exactly like being “slain in the Spirit.” The only difference is that their practices came first historically, preceding the modern Pentecostal practice. The cults also describe the Spirit as a force. Bruce R. McConkie, who was an apostle and authority of the Mormon Church wrote, “The Spirit of God which emanates from Deity may be likened to electricity” (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 752-53). Isn’t this what we are hearing from those experiencing these manifestations?

The Bible commands us to test it. Mature Christians test the spirits; while babies, weak and carnal Christians avoid testing (Hebrews 5:13-14) because of naivete’ or just insecurity and wanting to avoid knowing the truth. The result will be the same for all who do not guard their souls. They fall into destructive and non-Biblical practices that hurt their own Christian walk and testimonies. Much like the speaking in tongues as proof of the Spirits presence, this too has gone beyond the Bibles boundaries.

By pursuing a blessing they have abandoned truth in place of a pagan rooted supernatural experience. This not a Biblical experience, but can be a supernatural one. In so doing they have inadvertently become open to deception by accepting this without any testing. Some has called Mr. Hinn a spirit fanatic, and this is not something new. Martin Luther who began the reformation said that there were a certain group of preachers of his day who confuse their own spirit with the Holy Spirit, “they think they have swallowed the Holy Ghost, feathers and all.” John Calvin warned “the fanaticism which discards the scripture, under the pretense of resorting to immediate revelations is subversive of every principle in Christianity. For when they boast extravagantly of the Spirit the tendency is always to bury the word of YHWH God so they can make room for their own falsehood.”

People have succumbed to the oldest charade. In their pursuit of a blessing they have abandoned truth in place of a supernatural experience without ever testing the source for Biblical proof. Does the Bible show people lined up in a church service in a row in order to have the “power” dispersed from an anointed person? There are no conduits for the Holy Spirits power but Yeshua. Yeshua has and always will be the baptizer of the Holy Spirit and we don’t need any other mediator. Yeshua is our example. When Yeshua was anointed, the Spirit came upon him as a dove, not as a wild animal like a rhinoceros or a wolf as stated by some false prophets and ministers.

Those who participate in this practice need to consider what they are really attributing to the Holy Spirit. There is no Biblical precedent for this and there is a need to consider the source of the activity. We are not excluding that YHWH God cannot overwhelm someone with his presence. What needs to be questioned is when it becomes a normal practice in the church to state that the experience represents the Spirits work.

Truly the ancient words of the prophet Hosea ring true for us today, as it did then, “MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED KNOWLEDGE” (Hosea 4:6)

Those who advocate this practice need to consider what they are really attributing to the Holy Spirit. There is no Biblical precedent for being “slain in the Spirit” as we see practiced today in the Christian Churches.


What it is NOT:

It is not the Gift of DISCERNMENT. There is NO such Gift. An interpretation of the TWO words will convince any honest inquirer.

Discernment means acuteness in judgment, penetration and discrimination as defined in Webster’s Dictionary, DISCERNING which means to judge or decide between or to make a distinction. Incidentally, it is the discerning of spirits and of spirits only. It is NOT the ability to CAST OUT devils, though one needs to KNOW who they are and if it has been DISCERNED that such are present, and then to cast them out. The CASTING OUT OF DEVILS is an ACT on the part of the believer that is ministering. However we are discussing a Gift of the Ruach, and not an ACT after the gift is exercised.


The Discerning of spirits is a REVELATION GIFT.

It is the Yahweh given ability to detect the presence of and discern the identity of SPIRITS, that is, to discern or ascertain the identity of said spirits, (not man). The ACT here is the DISCERNING of SPIRITS and Not the CASTING OUT of said SPIRITS. The purpose behind the operation of this Gift is sometimes to the end that the spirits MIGHT be cast out and sometimes simply to allay the fears of others present who may FEAR the presence of EVIL spirits when they may be totally wrong.

The subject of spirits is a vast study and must be properly understood, at least in part, to understand this gift in operation.


  1. (2:7), the breath [ruach] of life is given to man. There is a spirit in man, (Job 32:8). At death, the spirit returns to YAHWEH who gave it, (Ecc.12:7). Ecc.3:21 is in reference to the spirit of man that goeth upward.
  2. In beasts, 3:21 refers to the spirit of the beasts that goeth downward.
  3. In Numbers 16:22 and 27:16, YAHWEH is called the Elohim of all spirits.

In the beginning, man was MADE. (Ge.1:26a, Isa.43:7d). Man was also FORMED, (Ge.2:7, Deut.32:18, Job 33:6, Ps. 94:9, Jer.1:5). 1 Tim.2:13 says that Adam was first FORMED. Scripture also declares that man was CREATED, (Ge.1:27, Isa.43:7b).

These three terms are NOT SYNONYMOUS.

To MAKE, one REQUIRES substance. YAHWEH uses substance, that is, earth, when He MADE man. Men have to fashion the things that they MAKE into some resemblance of SHAPE, so also, when YAHWEH MADE man, He also formed him out of the earth.

When one CREATES anything, they produce SOMETHING of value in itself made out of NOTHING of value in itself.

YAHWEH, therefore, did NOT CREATE man’s body. He MADE it and FORMED it out of EARTH. What did He CREATE in man? It was the IMAGE OF YAHWEH. He took upon Himself, in Yeshua, the FORM of man. We did not receive His form, speaking of this body. John 4:24 states that YAHWEH is a Spirit and Man was CREATED in the IMAGE of YAHWEH, (Ge.1:27; 1 Cor.11:7). In other words, man’s body was MADE of dust; man’s body was FORMED and man’s SPIRIT was CREATED.

This concept, incidentally, shows the IMPERATIVENESS of the New Birth, (1 Cor.15:49). Col.3:10 shows that a Believer is one in whom a New Spirit exists. In Romans 8:9, the Spirit of Messiah, and in 2 Cor.5:17, we are a New Creature in Him.

DEVILS are EVIL spirits and UNCLEAN spirits, spirits of infirmities, fallen angels, etc. The vocabulary of Yeshua abounds with such phraseology. Heb.1:7 states that Angels are spirits.

Ha S.a.tan, (the Accuser), is Lucifer, fallen from Heaven, (Is.14:12). He is the King of all the fallen angels [watchers] who fell with him. This is made plain by the following scriptures which say that Hell is prepared for the devil and his angels, (Matt.25:41), and the dragon and his angels, etc. in Rev.12:7-9. In the spirit world, therefore, a great battle rages. It is between S.a.tan and his hosts of Hell and Yahweh Tzevaoth and His Hosts of Heaven. Natural man does not understand this at all, (1 Cor.2:10-11). The Gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) are bestowed UPON the new man that is IN YOU.

The Gift of DISCERNING OF SPIRITS is the Yahweh given ability to detect the presence of and determine the identity of SPIRITS, whether they be the SPIRITS of HELL, the RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) or the SPIRIT of MAN.

We see this Gift in operation in:

  1. John, the Immerser, (Baptist) in Luke 3 when he talks of “A generation of vipers, (not sheep), snakes.
  2. Yeshua Ha Moshiach:
    1. Mark 1:25; Unclean spirits.
    2. Mark 5:8; unclean spirits named Legion.
    3. Mark 9:25; FOUL spirit and deaf and dumb spirit.
    4. Luke 6:18; they that were vexed with an Unclean spirit, etc. Yeshua HEALED them.
    5. Luke 9:42; Luke calls EPILEPSY a devil. See also Col.4:14.
    6. Luke 7:21; Yeshua CURED many of their EVIL spirits.
    7. Luke 11:14; A DUMB spirit, etc.
    8. Luke 13:11; a spirit of INFIRMITY.
    9. Luke 13:16; Yeshua called this woman a Daughter of Abraham, and He stated that S.a.tan had BOUND her for 18 years.
    10. John 6:70; Yeshua spoke of Judas when He said, “One of you has a DEVIL”.
    11. John 8:44; “Ye are of your father, the Devil”. Yeshua said this to certain religious leaders of His day.
    12. Acts 8:18-23; In Paul’s ministry, he spoke in Samaria to detect what manner of spirit was motivating Simeon.
    13. Acts 13:6-11; dealing with Elymas, the sorcerer.
    14. Acts 16:16-18; dealing with a spirit of divination in a girl.

That Timothy possessed this gift is made very evident in 1 Tim.4. The entire chapter is devoted to the serious condition existing, or coming into existence in the Messianic Congregation, regarding seducing spirits. In 1 Tim.4:14, Timothy is exhorted to NOT NEGLECT a certain Gift which Paul declares is IN HIM by the laying on of hands of the Elders and PROPHECY.

Remember, that this is a REVELATION GIFT and, like all others, is worked by the SPIRIT in YOU, (1 Cor.12:11a).

1 John 4:1-6 is not a lesson in the use of this gift. It is a lesson on TRYING the spirits, that is, a SAFEGUARD when there is not DISCERNING OF SPIRITS present. We are not left at the not so tender mercy of Ha S.a.tan. There are certain things that a spirit of Hell or the spirit of Man cannot do. Likewise, there are certain things that ONLY the Ruach Ha Kodesh CAN DO.

The Discerning of spirits, like all of the other nine manifestational gifts, is a GIFT. It cannot be begged, earned or borrowed, (1 Cor.12:1 and 4). The Ruach gives it as He wills in v. 11 and, The Holy Spirit worketh, also in v.11 and Eph.3:20.

Many people do not hold with the teaching of the reality and presence of evil spirits today. I wonder what they do with all the preceding Scriptures and also with those dealing with witches, necromancers, wizards, and dabblers in black magic, etcetera. You will find them listed in Lev.19:31 and Deut.18:9-12. Familiar spirits are found in Lev.19:31; 20:6 and Deut.18:11, to name a few. A familiar spirit is a spirit who attends at the beck and call of a necromancer. They are very sensual and are used to impersonate the dead. Could the false female “angel” EMMA of Todd Bentley fame be such a one?

This wisdom is from below and is the spirit of Anti-Messiah, (James 3:15; 1 John 4:3), and is the spirit of BONDAGE, (Ro.8:15), the spirit of ERROR, (1 Jo.4:6); FEAR, (2 Tim.1:7); JEALOUSY, (Num.5:14); WHOREDOMS, (Hos.4:12, 5:4); SLUMBER, (Ro.11:8) and PERVERSE, (Is.19:14).

Some of Yahweh’s GOOD spirits are also listed as: the spirit of COUNSEL, (Is.11:2); ADOPTION, (Ro.8:15); Grace, (Zech.12:10; Heb.10:20) and UNDERSTANDING, (Ro.11:8).

There are spirits of Emulation and Strife, but please note that many fall into the gross error of calling ALL bad habits and sins, etc. as SPIRITS. This is wrong! Some even call the FRUIT of the Ruach as spirits. Again, wrong. Fruit is Fruit, as stated in Gal.5:22-23. These are the fruits of ONE Spirit who is the Holy Spirit in you. Also, some call the WORKS of the flesh, spirit (Gal.5:19-21). Again, wrong. These are works and not spirits. Some esteem the Gifts to be spirits, which is wrong because these are Gifts and not spirits. They are the Gifts of ONE Spirit, the Holy Spirit. There are, however, sensual spirits, suicidal spirits, and spirits of depression, hallucination and obsession. These are MORBID spirits and sullen spirits, which affect the mind of man.

There are spirits that afflict the body of man and are manifested by such as cancer, arthritis, etc. and there are diverse kinds of these. There are too many to enumerate, but our YAHWEH has not left us helpless and at the mercy of these devils. We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. Hallelujah!

YAHWEH does, and will, when necessary, via the operation of the Gift of the Discerning of spirits, reveal what spirits are present, and also, for the express purpose of removing them, whether they have taken up their abode in the mind or in the body; that the afflicted one may be DELIVERED and HEALED!

A great many oppose the above-mentioned truth simply because that they do not properly interpret the Scriptures. One common ground for objection is the erroneous belief that the Devil or Demons cannot touch the Believer. Many dear saints of YAHWEH hold to this thought because they feel that to admit that the possibility of S.a.tan or any of his friends touching a child of YAHWEH is somehow dishonoring to YAHWEH. Most of their opposition is based on Matt.12:29 and Luke 11:21, but in both of these portions of Scripture, Yahweh is talking about the CASTING OUT of devils, thus PROVING and NOT DISPROVING what we teach. Demonic spirits do get in to oppress and torment YAHWEH’s people [strongholds] and a STRONGER MAN (YESHUA) casts them out. These folk also suggest that, once out, spirits cannot re-enter because they would first have to overcome Yahweh, who keeps us. They fail to recognize that the NEW MAN in you is that which S.a.tan CANNOT TOUCH; that is, what Yeshua KEEPS. But HaSatan can, and he does, afflict the body and the mind of man. One example is that the woman that Satan had BOUND for 18 years was a daughter of Abraham. Yeshua said that and he also referred to some of Abraham’s descendants as of their FATHER, the DEVIL, (Luke 13:16). Ro.8:7 states that the FLESH is NOT born anew, but it is opposed to YAHWEH and cannot be reconciled. It is the Spirit (Ruach) that quickeneth; the Flesh profiteth nothing, (John 6:63).

All life is Spirit. All Spirit is life. Any spirit, in order to be shown forth or manifested, MUST adopt a form by using someone or something as an agency whereby it may manifest itself. The showing forth of its presence and its workings are called MANIFESTATIONS. All manifestations are the showing forth of spirit, either of the spirit of man, (1 Cor.2:11) which is in man, or one or more of the many spirits of Hell, or it is the manifestation of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). Now the spirit of man which is in him only understands the things of a man, (1 Cor.2:14). The spirits of Hell know about spiritual things, (James 2:19). These also manifest their presence. The manifestations of the spirit of man are clearly seen all around you. The manifestations of the spirits of Hell are as clearly traceable. The manifestations of the Ruach Ha Kodesh are listed in 1 Cor.12 and their control is set forth in 1 Cor.14 with the balancing factor or balance point, if you will, established in 1 Cor.13, the love chapter. See that you do ALL things in love according to the HOLY PATTERN shown to Moses on the Holy Mountain, which PATTERN is PERFECTED IN YESHUA!

In conclusion, The Gifts of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) were foretold in the Tanakh (Old Testament), (Is.35:4-5; Joel 2:28-29) and enumerated in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament), (1 Cor.12:8-10). Yeshua Ha Moshiach was endued with the same, (Luke 4:14-19; Matt.12:28; Acts 10:38), and He promised them UNTO us, (Acts 1:8). So pray earnestly for ALL of Yahweh’s Gifts to be bestowed UPON you and He who is always faithful will grant you His good pleasure, which is to FILL YOU to the top of your being with His Loving Power and Goodness.

May the manifold BLESSINGS of YAHWEH Father be given through His Beloved Son Yeshua be poured into your spirit by the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

Baruch Haba B’Shem Yeshua Ha Moshiach,

Blessed be the Name of Yeshua the Messiah,

© Rav James Talbott and Erlene Talbott, the wilderness teachers,

Yeshua Ha Tikvah Yisrael Ministry,

Walking on the road to Emmaus.


  1. This document is copyrighted ©, but without the consideration of human monetary reward. Those who reserve the Scriptural Word of the Almighty and their personal comments on the same as a “copyright” for monetary gain and exclusivity of thought, violate Yahweh’s thoughts and Yeshua’s applications of the same. The Scriptures are to be freely shared in this world, the world past and the world that is yet to come without any claims of exclusivity by any commentator, theologian, rabbi, minister, pastor, sage or writer. The words of men and women must conform to the written words and instructions of Yeshua, the Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit] and the written Torah of YHWH in all cases. The plan of Salvation has not changed for Israel and her companions since the beginning of time and will remain constant until Messiah ben David, Yeshua returns as Melech Tzadik [King of Righteousness] to rule from Mount Zion in Yerushalayim. If you are reading this and have not surrendered your life as yet to the Living Torah, Yeshua, as LORD and Savior; do so now. He loves you and will guide your future into joy unspeakable and full of glory. This document contains the Holy, set-apart, eternal memorial Names of Yahweh and Yeshua. Please treat it as such with respect.
  2. I am but one voice in the wilderness of religion among many, most of who have a larger forum and means of communication than I do here in the spiritual wilderness. However that may be; may I add my voice to those who seek to be obedient to the Almighty’s call for the restoration of One New Man and all things Holy for such a time as this.






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